Security checks


After check-in and before going to the boarding area, you go through security staffed by ADR Security personnel, equipped with metal detectors and other safety equipment.

The time taken to carry out security checks may vary over the course of the same day. Therefore, it is recommended that passengers always arrive at the airport reasonably in advance.

For flights going outside the Schengen area, before boarding areas H and G, the Police will check passports.

ADR started working on improving security in May 2011. After some months of preparation and analysis of passenger flow the first changes to layout and security were implemented in May 2012.

This is a huge project, which is still in progress, and involves all the check points at Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports.

There are 6 security check points at Fiumicino with a total of 66 X-RAY points to check passengers (an increase of 25%, from 52 to 66) and their hand luggage; while at Ciampino there are 6 X-RAY points.

In effect, the length of the security area has been increased from 8-9m to more than 15m, because the main problem was the creation of “bottlenecks” of passengers, due to the preparation for the security checks (both X-ray and manual inspection) and the time for the collection of objects after the X-ray checks.

Passengers preparing for security, separate all objects that are not allowed (such as sharp objects and computers or liquids that are allowed within certain limits, but should be separated for security from hand baggage). A short bench with rollers was not sufficient for the passenger to complete the required preparatory steps before proceeding. Previously the roller was 2 metres long after the X-ray machine and 3 metres before. Today, the roller benches are 6 metres long before the X-ray machine and 6 metres after. Thus, both the “bottleneck” of passenger preparation and the collection of items after the checks have been drastically reduced.

These solutions have led to a reduction in the waiting times at security. In 2014, the waiting time was less than 5 minutes (14 minutes in 2011) with the objective being 4 minutes. Passenger experience, in addition, has improved the perception of the service provided. In fact, in 2014 it increased: 95% of passengers stated that they were satisfied with the service provided.


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