Chauffeur-driven car rental 





As regards transport restrictions following the Covid-19 pandemic, please note that some services may have changed in terms of availability or opening hours. Passengers are therefore asked to contact the individual companies to check details on operations and any conditions of use.   


A chauffeur-driven car rental service is available in the area in front of the airport exit, marked by the NCC sign (noleggio con conducente - rental with chauffeur). The service is provided in generally blue or grey coloured cars, for which variable, destination-based fares are charged. The service should be requested in advance.
The companies that operate in the airport are:

+39 06 6507 9001

+39 06 6504 7914   

+39 06 679 8207

The NCC chauffeur service is not an alternative to the taxi service, which remains the only service that can be directly accessed from the waiting area.

CAUTION: any other vehicles present in the arrival area could be operating without a rental permit and the tariffs demanded could be higher and beyond the control of the local authorities. It is advisable to be suspicious of individuals inside the airport offering transport services to the city without the necessary permits.