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Comfortable, safe, nearby Terminals: this is the meaning of easy Parking.

Leave your car at one of our carparks at Rome Fiumicino airport.



Discover the comfort of parking your car and get to the Terminal in just a few minutes.

All you need to know:

 1. easy Parking has a wide range of services, tailored for nay request, with over 19,000 car parking spaces

 2. our car parks are always open

 3. Customer Assistance is avaiblable 24/7

 4. all carparks are equipped with Telepass technology


You can book your stay at:

  Long-Stay uncovered car parks: if you want a basic, money-saving solution, here you will find over 2,100 uncovered car parking spaces at an unbeatable prices. All spacs are linked to the terminals by a free shuttle service that operates every 5 minutes Book now

  Long-Stay covered car parks: here, you will find convenience, along with the comfort of 1,600 car parking spaces covered with photovoltaic panels and a free shuttle service every 5 minutes, with a stop located near your car parking space. Book now

  Terminal A-B-C-D carparks. Choose among approximately 4,500 car parking spaces located in the multistorey carparks. These are covered, except for those on the top level which can be ooked online for a lower price than that got without booking online. In these carparks located just a few steps away from your check-in desk, you will find all the comfort for your trip. Book now

  Executive. Make your trip enjoyable from the start when you park in the secure Executive carparks with video surveillance. They are a short distance away from the Departures and Arrivals area and have covered access to the Terminal. With the voucher for Fast Track in Terminal 1 and 3, you have access to the Priority Lane for hand luggage security checks. Many other benefis are also included, such as the option to request a hand car wash,the  refuelling and other services for your car. Book now

  Motorbike park at building A, you will find approximaterly 70 covered spaces for yor motorcycle, with dedicated entrance and connected to Terminal 1 by pedestrian route. Book now

  Book now and save money. With easy Parking, you can.


If you are looking for a parking wihout booking, just to accompany someone at the airport or welcoming a friend, you have multiple choices, listed below:

  •  should you have to accompany someone at the airport or welcoming a friend tyou have the Kiss&Go area with several parking spaces with the first 15 minutes free of charge. Should you stay longer than 15 minutes, you can  extend your paid parking using the parking metres available at the Kiss&Go area  (paid parking time allowed: 45 minutes, in addition to the first 15 minutes free);
  • park for the first 45 minutes free of charge at the Kiss&Go car park Terminal 1- Partenze and then paid extra time at the parking metres available in the car park)
  •  park for free for the first hour at the Long-Stay car park (located outside the designated electronic number plate detection area), where you can wait for the right time to go back to the Terminals without incurring in any fine for parking not allowed;
  • park your car to one of the two short-stay car parks: PT1, PT3
  •  move your car to one of the P-Terminal multistorey car parks, where you can pay to park for as long as you want. For long stay these carparks can be booked in advance saving money. 


easy Parking is the only official Aeroporti di Roma car parking service.



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