Commitment to the Environment


Commitment to the Environment

Aeroporti di Roma is committed to achieving the following Sustainable Development Goals.


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Sustainability, mitigation of the environmental impact and continuous improvement: these are the subjects that guide ADR's choices which, over time, has acquired monitoring and management tools, increasingly improved, aimed at monitoring and containing the environmental footprint of the “Airport System”.

ADR earned the certification of its Environmental Management System, according to the ISO 14001 Standard, back in 1999 for Fiumicino and since 2001 for Ciampino. Again in 2019, ADR committed to reconfirming this certificate of conformity according to the new standards provided by the standard ISO 14001:2015.

Since 2011, the year of the first Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) certification, ADR has constantly improved its carbon emissions, up to the achievement of level 3+ of ACA “Neutrality” accreditation by ACI Europe for Fiumicino airport since 2013 and for Ciampino airport since 2018. To actively combat climate change, ADR intended to undertake the commitments and challenges that led Rome’s Ciampino and Fiumicino airports to obtain the Airport Carbon Accreditation 4+ “ Transition”. This is the maximum level of certification introduced by the ACI at the end of 2020. The Rome airports were the first in Europe and third in the world to achieve this result”.

The central point of the corporate commitment is composed of the Environmental Sustainability Plan, a document prepared annually and formally approved by the Director General, which defines an articulated program of interventions and objectives for improvement on the environmental performance of the Roman airports. The Plan is based on the international guidelines defined by the General Assembly of the United Nations through the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and is an instrument focused on correlating the ADR environmental policy with the shared objectives, so that the company with its own programs of actions and interventions can contribute, locally, to achieving these international goals.

Attention on the environment has made it possible to obtain an improvement of the performance in all the environmental matrices: separate collection, energy production, saving and reuse of water.

Aeroporti di Roma devotes particular attention to the management of the third party subjects. The company has developed over time an articulated structure of operating procedures that regulate the behaviours to be adopted in the airport to ensure the best environmental performance. Consequently, a broad program of checks of the management methods of the most disparate activities which are carried out at the airport to ensure full compliance with the rules established.


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