QPass FAQs


What is QPass and how does it work?

QPass is a free service, offered by Aeroporti di Roma on a trial basis at Fiumicino airport, which allows you to book an appointment to go through security checks before your flight.

By showing the QR code you received by email at the security checkpoint at your reservation time, you will be able to enjoy a dedicated entrance and route, for an even more comfortable experience at the checkpoint.

How do I use QPass?

Using the service is very simple. You can make your booking from the comfort of your home or at the airport: go to fco.whyline.com to access the booking page and enter your flight, the number of people departing and your e-mail address. The service does not require any registration or account creation. Once the booking is complete, you will receive a QR code and a confirmation e-mail with all the information about the terminal and the appointment time.

Is Qpass free to use?

Yes, the service is completely free for all passengers. No account or subscription is required to use QPass.

Do I need to create a profile or account to use QPass?

No, the system does not require any registration, it is specially designed to be fast and easy to use.

With the QPass, will there be a dedicated security line for booked passengers?

No, the QPass service provides free access to a dedicated entrance and route for booked passengers, but does not offer a dedicated security line; unlike the Fast Track service, which is a paid service.

Can the QPass service be used for any flight?

At the moment, the QPass service is being tested and has not yet been extended to flights operated by US (Delta, American Airlines, United Airlines) and Israeli airlines (El Al, Israir Airlines, Arkia Israeli).

How far in advance can I book an appointment with QPass?

QPass can be used from 7 days before your flight.

At what times can the QPass service be booked?

Currently, the QPass service is active:

  • at Terminal 1 security gates: 5am to 8pm
  • at Terminal 3 security gates: 7am to 7pm

Appointment times are made available in relation to the opening time of check-in and boarding of your flight - normally from 3½ hours up to 60 minutes before the flight in the case of Schengen flights and up to 75 minutes before the flight in the case of non-Schengen flights. You can then choose from the available appointment times and book the one that best suits your needs.

These appointment times are made available in an appropriate number according to the expected saturation level of the security gate in order to always offer you the best possible level of service.

I'm trying to book with QPass but I don't see my flight, why is that?

Make sure you fill in the date, airline and flight number successfully. If you still can't find it, it is likely that the flight's operation is not compatible with the QPass service hours (see previous point); in that case, you can simply use the 'traditional' entrance at the security checkpoint.

What do I do if the available QPass times have run out?

If you do not find any time available, you can still go to the 'traditional' security checkpoint entrance; Aeroporti di Roma always guarantees its high standards of service.

Can I book for a group of people?

Yes, the system allows booking for groups of up to 10 people.

Where are the entrances to the dedicated QPass security gates?

You can find the QPass entrance by following the signs in the terminal or by downloading the map with directions here: Terminal 1 o Terminal 3. In any case, for any information, please contact the Info Desks at the check-in lobbies.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Yes, in the confirmation e-mail you can find the link to change or cancel your reservation.

I have completed the QPass booking but have not received the e-mail, what should I do?

Check your spam folder. If you did not actually receive the e-mail, a simple technical problem may have occurred: in that case, make a new booking and - if possible - send us a report on the site in the Contact Us section so that we can improve the service.

Do I have to print the QR Code or can I display it on my device?

You can opt for either option, as long as the QR code is clearly readable and scannable with the security officer's device.

Do I have to show my ID or ticket/travel pass to enter?

The ticket/travel document is indispensable for access to the security checkpoint; however, it is not normally necessary to show the document when entering the security checkpoint.

What happens if I arrive at QPass at a different time than my appointment?

It is usually possible to use the slot up to 15 minutes before and after the booking time. If you find that you cannot meet this window, we advise you to change your appointment or make a new reservation. But be careful not to be too late, you might miss your flight!

What is the difference between QPass and Fast Track?

Fast Track is a paid service that can be purchased at Rome Aiports and provides access to a dedicated entrance, queue and security line that can be used without the need for a reservation or prior communication.

The QPass, on the other hand, is a free service that can only be used with a prior reservation, which - provided that the passenger agrees to show up at a specific time provided by the airport - allows access to a dedicated entrance and queue.

If I go through security with QPass and then need to leave, how do I get back in?

No problem: simply book a new QPass appointment in the usual way or simply use the 'traditional' entrance at the security checkpoint.

How is my personal data handled?

Your personal data is handled in full compliance with European legislation. Please refer to the Privacy Policy.

I want to use QPass but the appointment times I want are not available, what should I do?

QPass ensures limited appointments available only during service operating hours and compatible with your flight. That is why we advise you to book your appointment as soon as possible in order to have the best possible choice.

I have arrived at the airport but I haven’t pre-booked the QPass service, can I still use QPass?

Of course! Reservations can be made at any time at fco.whyline.com, subject to available appointment times.

I am travelling in a large group: can I book an appointment with QPass?

Yes: QPass allows you to book an appointment at a specific time for a group of up to 10 people.

What information is needed to book an appointment with QPass?

No registration, account creation or login is required. Simply access the dedicated section on ADR's website, selecting the departure date, destination airport, airline, flight number and group size (if applicable). Finally, you will be asked for an e-mail address so that we can send you confirmation of your appointment with the QR code attached.

How can I provide feedback on the QPass service?

Passengers who use the QPass can be selected in a survey sample and receive an e-mail with a survey regarding their satisfaction with the service. If you have not received it but would like to let us know your opinion, go to the Contact Us section.