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One of the key elements of the Safety Management System is the Reporting System, whose implementation gives further actual confirmation of the above mentioned monitoring activity, through the insertion of a data bank relating to aeronautical events occurred during airport operations in the movement area.

This report is not only an important communication tool to provide an accurate description of events, but also allows an investigation of all anomalous situations, to prevent their reoccurrence. The Safety Report form is the most important means of communication between the ADR Group and the operators working at the two airports, whose purpose is to make sure that no event is overlooked. 

Safety Report is an important communication tool that provides a clear description of events, further it allows to investigate accurately all unusual situations to prevent future recurrences. We finally can say that Safety Report ensures that no event is neglected. 

The Safety Report is a mere statistical and causal analysis tool designed to prevent accidents. Operators are recommended to request assistance of ADR staff (ISE +39 06/6595 3432 supervisor). The Report can also be filled in anonymously (as guest) and the personal information, if included, will be treated in accordance with the personal data protection legislation REG. EU 679/2016. Full information is available by request to

Login into the website in order to take advantage of the following features:
• save a draft of the Safety Reports in MY GSR TO SEND section, ready to be sent to the SMS ADR at a later time;
• keep a history record of the Safety Reports already sent to the SMS ADR in the MY SENT GSR section, in order to facilitate its follow-up;
• enter a list of e-mails (always modifiable when sending a new GSR) as recipient of the Safety Report at the time of sending. ATTENTION: it is not necessary to enter the address
As an alternative, it is also possible to fill the Safety Report in a simplified version using the Guest mode. ATTENTION: the Guest mode does not have the features shown above.

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Alternatively, the form can be downloaded in English (in double format Excel or pdf) to be sent by e-mail (

Download Safety Report Form:

Safety Notice
The Safety Notice is aimed at disseminating information on dangerous events or conditions that occur at the Rome-Fiumicino and Rome-Ciampino airports in order to avoid their re-occurrence.

Safety Action Feedback
The Safety Action Feedback come from the analysis of the reports received by all airport operators, with the purpose of sharing:
• the corrective actions identified and aimed at limiting and / or mitigating, as much as possible, the risks of airside activities;
• the exchange of information with airport operators to identify ideas to improve and share best practices on activities related to compliance with the rules in air-side.

Minutes of the Safety Committee
The Safety Committee meets regularly in the presence of public and private airport organizations. To find out about the topics discussed, access the meeting minutes.


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