Travel documents


Current law foresees, at check-in, the checking of the boarding pass and documents, and the verification of the passenger’s identity. In the case of passengers who have checked-in online and gone directly to the gate, because they only have hand baggage, verification is carried out prior to boarding.

The type of identity document required depends on the destination and the airline, therefore please check the website of the airline with which you are flying. Before leaving, check the suitability and validity of the documents required for the chosen destination.

Travel documents for children

Since 26 June 2012 all Italian minors must be in possession of their own travel document: a valid identity document for expatriation or a passport.

Please note that registration of a child on the parent’s passport is valid until 26.06.2012. In fact, from this date a minor can travel in Europe and abroad only with his/her own travel document (valid identity document for expatriation or passport). At the same time parents’ passports with minors registered will remain valid for the holder only until expiry.


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