​Security Room

The centre consists of thre operations rooms, which serve Polaria agents and ADR Security guards around the clock. The rooms are fitted with high-tech equipment, are spacious and comfortable and operate their own systems and equipment. Funded by ADR, all the high-tech equipment fitted in the rooms provides safety to 36 million passengers travelling through Rome Fiumicino airport annually, and to tens of thousands of airport operators working there daily.

The workstations fitted in the operations rooms are interchangeable and equipped with new instruments that connect the operations rooms to the outside world by phone and, at the same time, to individual radios supplied to ADR Security and Polaria staff. A telephone exchange with over 30,000 lines incorporates telephones, fax machines and radio services, and handles all communication in a fast-paced environment. The powerful interconnected computers are protected against computer network attacks; they remotely control the operation of 500 security cameras and ensure that images are sent constantly and in real time to the large wall-mounted screens installed in the operations rooms.

Three ultra-high capacity data storage units allow reproducing and storing all the images recorded by the 500 security cameras fitted in the airport, 26 of which are very high resolution cameras and zoom in on details, while about 200 are motorized and adjustable in every direction. Finally, the air conditioning and power supply systems serving the operations rooms have been doubled to guarantee total self-sufficiency and constant energy supply in the event of a breakdown or a blackout.

Security in numbers: 

  • 550 total surface in sqm (three operations rooms and technical rooms)
  • 500 security cameras (26 high definition cameras and 200 security Dom cameras, motorized
  • and adjustable with a full 360° rotation)
  • 26 19" LCD screens
  • 24 50" plasma screens
  • 206 analogue and digital signal decoders
  • 14 workstations
  • 7 high capacity systems management servers
  • 8 control keyboards for security Dom cameras
  • 1 telephone exchange with 30 lines available
  • 2 66 kVA UPS systems
  • 2 air conditioning and 18 Kw heat recuperation systems
  • 1,000 hours of training in new systems