The Innovation Cabin Crew consisting in a group of  ADR colleagues, so that each company structure is represented and can contribute to the innovation process during the different phases of the innovation process

Alessia Albanese

Customer Experience Specialist

Innovation means finding new ways, outside the box, of doing something.

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Stefano Alberelli

Head of Continuous Improvement

Innovating means providing answers to questions not yet formulated and meeting needs not yet expressed.

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Stefano Biondi

Head of Maintenance Engineering

Innovation means finding every-day solutions to the most dangerous statement: "we have always done it this way!"

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Claudia Botti

Head of Real Estate Business Development

Innovation is giving Life to new ideas which shape the present to improve our Future.

Marco Buccella

Head of Operation & Maintenance of Electromechanical Systems

Innovation is 'creative disruption' that allows us to increase the speed of response for what we cannot foresee in order to be, in the words of Hemingway, ‘superior not to someone else but to yesterday’.

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Angelo Caporizzo

Head of Digital ICT

Innovation is "Finding the problem of a solution" with the goal of focusing on the problem and reconsidering the solution from different angles. This is to correctly identify the need or challenge that a solution is intended to address.

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Federico Ceccaroni

PMO and ENAC Compliance Manager

Innovation is the way to keep up with the future.

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Floriana Chiarello

Head of ICT Demand Management

Innovation means taking an authentic view of the world around us and changing people's habits, bringing them value.

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Angela Di Lullo

Energy Management & Decarbonisation Specialist

Innovation is the energy that fuels change when one has the courage to see it as an opportunity and not a threat.

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Silvia Eleuteri

Environment Manager

Innovation is the audacity to explore and navigate beyond the boundaries that have always existed.
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Leandra Ferrante

Head of Planning and Processes

Innovation is the courage to be open to change because of the perception of new value.

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Roberto Formica

Head of Innovation Projects & Continuous Improvement

There is infinite potential for innovation to improve products, services or processes.The most critical issue lies in identifying which is worth pursuing.

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Elisabetta Fossi

Head of Terminal Planning & Development

Every new infrastructure project is a tangible opportunity to introduce change and innovation.

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Federico Galeffi

Head of Finance, Treasury and Insurance

Innovation is questioning the way we do things every day. It is a necessity, not a choice.

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Massimo Galuppi

Head of Planning ADR Security

Innovation means boldly identifying new meanings where there seems to be none.

Diego Giannone

Head of Market Analysis & Traffic Forecast

Innovation is being able to see something new by changing from doing something old!

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Michele Giovagnoli

Head of PRM Area

There are those who look at things as they are and ask 'why?'. I think about what they could be and ask myself 'why not?'

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Marco Gobbi

Head of Traffic Development Manager Long Haul & Cargo

Doing something habitual in a new but simpler way!

Marco Guadalupi

Head of Organization & HR Compliance

Innovation is overcoming the limits of impossibility by thinking outside the box and implementing new solutions for needs that generate perceived user value.

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Giannandrea Ingallinera

Sustainability Specialist

Innovation is the cornerstone of progress, an approach that enables us to reach higher heights and have a positive impact on the world.

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Emanuele Le Breton

Head of Fire Prevention

Innovation is making the existing obsolete.

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Simona Leone

Head of Marketing, Customer Journey, UX & Phygital

Innovation is life, movement, engine of change and thus success in terms of both business and improved customer experience.

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Martina Liani

Energy Management & Decarbonisation Technician

Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas are the source of innovation, so too is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.

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Marco Licandro

Management Control

Innovation is the change of perspective that allows us to see the everyday with different glasses.

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Fabrizio Magliocca

Head of Apoc Management

Innovation is constantly challenging oneself by confronting new problems

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Fabrizio Marsili

Head of Performance, Controlling & Reporting

Stay hungry, foolish and connected!

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Enrico Mazzoli

Responsabile Sustainability Planning & Control

Innovative leaders inspire passion and cultivate curiosity.

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Irina Nicolaescu

Operations Planning and Scheduling at ADR Assistance

Innovation is the path of development made up of ingenious ideas toward Evolution.

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Luca Pannuzzi

Head of Operation ADR Security

Innovation is the creative idea that didn’t exist before but which can bring about positive change, in processes, social and sustainability.

Francesco Piccirilli

Head of Infrastructures Planning

Innovation is future. Looking at everyday things with different eyes, giving them new meanings.

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Federica Pistola

Head of Terminal Operation

Innovation is future. Looking at everyday things with different eyes, giving them new meanings.

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Salvatore Plutino

Airside Operations Specialist

The innovation is something that becomes indispensable so that today we cannot perceive even the possibility of it.

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Francesca Tassi

People Development & DE&I

Gaining new knowledge and a mindset that leads me to look at things from a different perspective, always trying new ways of doing things, turning mistakes into learnings to take steps forward.

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Alessio Tommasi

Advertising Business Specialist

Innovation comes as an unexpected gift. The result of creativity, research, technology and a strategic approach, it constantly unveils new and fascinating possibilities.

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Mattia Ubaldi

Asset Maintenance Engineering & Predictive Analytics Manager

Innovating is not just creating something new; it is also an approach that aims for continuous and incremental improvements to what already exists.

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Gianluca Vassallo

Head of ICT Architecture & Innovation

Innovation for me is the ability and 'healthy' craziness to see things from a different perspective in order to find solutions of value for the end user and to believe in one's own ideas, even while taking the risk of going against the grain and experiencing failure.

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