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In this section of the site, you can download the necessary forms to apply for an airport pass, saving valuable time and avoiding going to the relevant offices in person.

The section is divided for the two airports:

  •  "Leonardo da Vinci" di Roma - Fiumicino
  •   "Giovan Battista Pastine" di Roma - Ciampino

Security Culture

ICAO has declared 2021 the Year of Security Culture.

The initiative aims to increase sensitivity and awareness of the culture of security, understood as the set of standards, principles and values of an organisation that are reflected on a daily basis in the actions and behaviour of all its members.

The aim is to encourage and facilitate the strengthening of behaviour and practices inspired by the security culture, through the promotion of positive actions and events oriented in this direction, focusing on the principle that security is everyone's responsibility.

The ICAO General Secretariat proclaimed the Year of Security Culture on 18 December 2020, during the 4th Global Aviation Security Symposium 2020 (AVSEC2020), inviting all Member States, including Italy, to actively participate in the success of the initiative. It is a concept of global proportions, in which everyone must feel that they are a protagonist, committed to integrating the philosophy of security culture into daily practice.

ENAC adhered to the initiative promoted by ICAO, and, through the Security Regulation Directorate, intended to offer Bodies, Organisations and Associations the necessary support for the promotion of Security Culture.

In parallel, ICAO will assist States and all stakeholders by making available a wealth of material, including documents and guidelines, videos, toolkits in various languages, articles and popular links. To this end, the ICAO invites anyone interested to access the dedicated web page:

The site is also constantly updated with initiatives and good practices adopted by Member States and sectoral organisations. Among others, there are workshops and training courses accessible at the following link

Experience gained in the sector and good practices for the promotion of security culture by all airport operators constitute a heritage to be referred to in a mutual exchange of knowledge and practices.

To this end, ENAC's Security Regulation Directorate will be the contact point to which initiatives undertaken during the year can be reported. The same management will share them with the ICAO through dedicated channels.

In order to promote the diffusion of 'Security Culture', Aeroporti di Roma, adhering to the indications coming from ICAO and promoted by ENAC, implemented the following initiatives for the development of an adequate internal strategy and related measures aimed at improving staff awareness:

  • Promotion of the 'Year of Security Culture' campaign through this webpage and its social and media channels.
  • Guidance and support material for the effective promotion of aviation safety culture, such as the creation and dissemination of illustrative awareness-raising material, the distribution of printed and computerised promotional material, and the establishment of a system for reporting abnormal situations, through the preparation of a 'security report' and a specific e-mail address to which, once compiled, it can be sent.

You can also contribute to making our airports safe.

If you witness security-relevant actions or events, always remember to report them and fill out the Security Report!

Send your Security Report to the following e-mail address: