Safety Management

Aeroporti di Roma places safety of airside operations at the core of its business. Accordingly to this, a Safety Management System has been established. Its main purpose is to manage all the risks associated with airside operations with the goal to prevent glitches and aircraft accidents.

The Safety Management System is part of the responsibility of top management. In 2006, the ADR Group launched a process of implementation of its Safety Management System based on requirements established by ENAC, for the purpose of certification of Rome- Fiumicino and Rome-Ciampino airports. In September 2006 the Safety Board was established. Its duty is to evaluate and share actions on safety issues, coming from the highest company levels.

The Safety Board is made up of the Accountable Manager, the Post Holders and the Safety Manager. The Committee meets periodically to evaluate and share:

• auditing system results;

• Reporting System results and KPI analysis;

• corrective actions results;

• risks identification and related mitigation actions;

• the Authority’s audits results;

• the Safety Committee activities;

• the availability of economic and human resources to comply with the safety objectives.


In November 2006 the Safety Committee of the airport of Roma-Fiumicino was established, followed in September 2007 by that of the airport of Roma-Ciampino. This committee has a summarising function and is chaired by ADR. Its members, having decisional authority and responsibility for external communication, are drawn from the top management of companies, both public and private, present in the airport.

Safety Committee Objectives:
  • Assuring the Committee attending of every Aerodromes Operators;
  • Sharing the safety targets with Aerodromes Operators;
  • Analyzing and solutions proposing to every safety problem occurred;
  • Collecting of Aerodromes Operator feedbacks and their problems solution proposal


Compliance Monitoring

Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A. has implemented a Compliance Monitoring System to:

  - Verify the continuing compliance to:

  • European regulations (EC) 216/08 and related implementing rules (EU) 139/14;
  • Certification Basis;
  • Operations & Organization Requirements Basis;

  - Verify and Update the Aerodrome Manual.


Safety Report

One of the key elements of the Safety Management System is the Reporting System, whose implementation gives further actual confirmation of the above mentioned monitoring activity, through the insertion of a data bank relating to aeronautical events occurred during airport operations in the movement area.


This report is not only an important communication tool to provide an accurate description of events, but also allows an investigation of all anomalous situations, to prevent their reoccurrence. The Safety Report form is the most important means of communication between the ADR Group and the operators working at the two airports, whose purpose is to make sure that no event is overlooked.


Safety Report is an important communication tool that provides a clear description of events, further it allows to investigate accurately all unusual situations to prevent future recurrences. We finally can say that Safety Report ensures that no event is neglected.


The form is available for download in Italian and English in a dual format, Excel or PDF.

Download Safety Report Form:

The Safety Report is a mere statistical and causal analysis tool designed to prevent accidents. Operators are recommended to request assistance of ADR staff (ISE +39 06/6595 3432 supervisor). The Report can also be filled in anonymously and sent by fax on number +39 06/65956250, or delivered at the special collection points, or by using other means provided by ADR ( It is also possible to report an event by dialing an automated service on number +39 06/659524796. Any personal details provided will be protected by privacy regulation Legislative Decree 196/2003.

Airport Certificate

As from 20 December 2016, the "Leonardo da Vinci" airport is Certified in compliance with Regulation (EU) 139/2014:

As from 30 November 2004, the "Giovan Battista Pastine" airport is certified according ENAC Regulations for the construction and operation of airports (RCEA).