Aeroporti di Roma’s website was designed to maximize usability and accessibility, make the web pages as usable and accessible as possible and ensure all users access to the information.

The pages of this website comply with the guidelines foreseen by the Ministerial Decree of 8 July 2005 with “Technical requirements and different levels of accessibility to IT tools” for verification of the Stanca Law (Law 4 of 09/01/2004) which identifies “Provisions to facilitate access to IT tools by disabled persons”.

The regulatory references and standards are:

  • Guidelines for W3C (WAI project) accessibility

The accessibility study includes a technical aspect of the implementation methods (development code) and a section on perception and comprehension. The verification of these aspects foresees the provision of a grade for the level of accessibility of the website (on the basis of the WAI W3C indications).



  • the pages of the site are realized with the XHTML 1.1 doctype.
  • there are no frames, Java objects or non-accessible flash drives.
  • CSS style sheets were used to control the presentation of the content.
  • the contents are accessible even without using colour.
  • the colours were chosen to ensure a good contrast between background and foreground colours.
  • the data tables have a simplified structure, without nesting elements.
  • for on-text objects on the page alternative text is provided.
  • links to the main sections of the website and links to other sites have a label that identifies the target