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Operative safety


In order to grant the correct functioning of the system and the respect of the behavioural rules, Aeroporti di Roma provided with the Operative Safety Body, dedicated to the control of infrastructures (runways, rouling ways and squares) and to the aircraft assistance on ground (follow-me, Marshalling, etc.).
The safety activities connected to the movement and to the aircraft parking at the airport are carried out in conformity with strict quality standards:

  • Project and offer of services for the safety of the aircraft traffic operations;
  • Study of the risk factors;
  • Co-ordination of the first aid interventions in the situations of ranger for the aircrafts;
  • Granting of the access of aviation infrastructures, also in bad weather conditions

In this field also the following activities are included:

  • the continuous monitoring of infrastructures and of plants at aircraft service;
  • the control of the respect of the airport operative safety rules;
  • the systematical monitoring of the friction coefficient of the runways (important for landing and take-off safety);
  • the procedures for the allontanamento of birds, dangerous for the aircrafts, supported by an idoneous and advanced set of instruments;
  • the management and supervision of the building yards in the operative areas.

The management criteria adopted foresees a continuous revision of the processes aiming to grant the constant improvement of safety.