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The shopping area in Fiumicino Airport provides a unique and diverse shopping experience, transforming a wait for your flight into an enjoyable moment packed with opportunities. Among the Fiumicino Airport shops, you'll discover a rich assortment of products, ranging from luxury goods to locally crafted articles, all conveniently located in one exclusive destination.

For avid shoppers, Rome Fiumicino Airport offers a true paradise: prestigious luxury brands, authentic Italian products, jewellery, alluring perfumes, and the very best in gastronomy, set within an elegant and welcoming ambiance. Each store epitomises the excellence and quality that defines shopping at Rome Fiumicino, offering one-of-a-kind and irresistible finds.

And the benefits of the Fiumicino airport stores extend even further: at the Tax-Free area in Fiumicino (Area E Mall), regardless of your nationality or place of residence, you can purchase your favourite products while enjoying a 22% VAT exemption, leading to substantial savings when compared to city centre stores. This presents an exceptional opportunity for international travellers to take home a piece of Italian elegance at attractive prices. 
 Moreover, Aelia Duty Free at Fiumicino redefines convenience with its wide array of products, from cosmetics to spirits, technological gadgets to confectioneries, all available at duty-free prices. The well-organised spaces and courteous, knowledgeable staff transform every purchase at Duty Free Leonardo Da Vinci Airport into a truly pleasurable experience. 
 For an even more exclusive shopping experience, our personal shopper service is at your disposal: fashion and trend experts will accompany you through the stores, offering recommendations tailored to your style and needs. This attentive and professional guidance makes airport shopping a unique, personalised experience. 
 If you wish to secure your preferred items without stress, the shops in Fiumicino airport offer the option to reserve products online. This smart and fast solution allows you to collect your purchases directly at the airport, saving time and benefiting from a personalised and efficient service. The pre-order process is overseen by our Personal Shoppers, who are also available for inquiries or reservations of any other products of brands present at the airport. 
 To conclude, the stores at Leonardo da Vinci Airport deliver a shopping experience that combines quality, variety, and value for money. A journey through Italian excellence and international luxury, complemented by cutting-edge services designed to cater to the needs of every traveller. Discover the unforgettable pleasure of shopping at Rome Fiumicino airport, an experience that will consistently surprise and satisfy you throughout your journey.
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