Terminal Manager and Internet Wi-Fi


The Terminal Managers represent the first operating reference for the passenger. They are responsible for the functioning and the decorum of all the service infrastructures, both for the exterior areas of the airport (land-side) - such as vehicular movement, green spaces, external car parks - and for internal areas (air-side) of the Arrivals and Departures Terminals, in addition to the areas of boarding and the baggage claim.

The Terminal Managers instituted by ADR operate in the various terminals and airport areas, ensuring daily functionality throughout the year, 24/7.  Theirs is the task of drawing the attention of the competent business functions to the interventions that need to be carried out, acting in a way to quickly facilitate the adoption of measures that are considered fundamental to ensure the passengers a high standard of quality both in the delivery of services and in use of the facilities and infrastructure.

In detail, Terminal Managers supervise the cleaning by recalling to the structure, if necessary, those responsible for the task. They censure abnormal behaviour of operators of the airport, which could generate adverse effects on the airport, verify any possible computing or infrastructural faults or those arising from the activities of construction. They also supervise the removal of FOD (Foreign Object Debris), which may be present on the runway, downstream of the activity of cleaning of the aeroplanes and the areas of pertinence, performed by the handlers for the airlines.


At the "Leonardo da Vinci" the new Wi-Fi network is completely free. It is one of the largest installations in Europe with over 1000 Access Points (Wi-Fi antennas) distributed everywhere in the terminals, in the Cargo area and in the parking areas of the aircrafts. To access it, simply select "Airport Free Wi-Fi” network and once you open the portal welcome page, click on "Free Wi-Fi” profile.

The new free ADR Wi-Fi allows enabled devices to quickly access all types of multimedia contents and services, including streaming.

The Internet access service for passengers is offered by the Airports of Rome in partnership with Fastweb and in line with the best international practices. Users then can have free and unlimited access to the wireless network and easily navigate from any device, during their stay at the airport. To access it, simply select "Airport Free Wi-Fi” network and once you open the portal welcome page, click on "Free Wi-Fi” profile.

How to connect

  • Turn on your device with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Select "Free Wi-Fi” network 
  • Open your browser
  • You will be automatically redirected to the home page


Repeat the procedure every time you are at the airport