Aeroporti di Roma is involved in the efficient management of the airport system to effectively respond to the increase in traffic volume, while taking into account the quality standards of the service provided, safe conditions for aerodrome operations, health protection and safety in the workplace, environmental safeguards and efficient use of energy resources.

An Integrated Management System for Health,Energy, Safety, Environment and Quality allows the Group to work towards shared objectives:

  • focus on the customer: to keep in mind the needs of the Customer for the design and provision of services and the related support infrastructures;
  • search for excellence: a constant dialogue using the best technical and organizational practices in quality, environment, energy and health and safety in the workplace, both national and international;
  • active participation: to enhance and involve all staff so that it acts towards improved and more streamlined processes;
  • safe conditions for aerodrome operations: to ensure the most effective efforts for the safety of passenger and airport users;
  • effective management of health and safety: to employ effectively the necessary protective measures to reduce risks on health and safety of employees and any third party;
  • environmental safeguards and energy efficiency: to deal effectively with any issues of water, noise and air pollution and sustainable waste management;
  • accordance with legislative procedures and proactive approach: to be pursuant to laws, regulations and rules according to a proactive approach towards the improvement of health and safety, environment and quality in the workplace.

Aeroporti di Roma states its commitment towards sustainability through the certification by third parties of its management systems, according to international standards (Quality-ISO9001/Environment-ISO14001/Energy-ISO 50001/Safety-OHSAS18001).