Transfer services


In the area in front of the airport exit, there is a rent a car service, countersigned by the sign NCC (rent a car with a driver), carried out by cars, generally blue or grey, which apply changeable fees on the basis of the destination.

This service can be required, on departure or on arrival to the authorised structures inside the airport, in the arrival halls of the terminals.

The companies are the following:

  • Airport
    + 39 800017387 (Terminal 1)
  • C.T.P. (Consortium for transport of people)
    + 39 0665011122, + 39 0665953644 (Terminal 3)
  • Con. Co.R.A
    + 39 06 65012069 (Terminal 3)

The NCC service therefore is non alternative to the taxi service, which remains the only one accessible directly from the parking area.


ATTENTION: any other vehicle at the airport exit could be driven by people without a regular authorization of the taxi or of the rent service and the fee required could be superior or however different from the fee foreseen and subjects to the controls of the City of Rome.
We advice you to be suspicious of people, inside the airport, who propose transport services towards the city without the authorization.