Reduced mobility


In July 2008, in accordance with European Regulation 1107/2006, ADR, through its subsidiary company ADR Assistance, assumed responsibility for assistance to passengers with reduced mobility. The service - which is provided at no cost to the passenger - is carried out in compliance with the standards of service imposed by European Community document ECAC/30.

A passenger need assistance on the ground should request should request for help at the airline with which the booking was made 48 hours before the published time of the flight departure. For further information please contact the airline directly.

Aeroporti di Roma has adopted a quality management system based on the “List of services”, published and distributed annually since 2000. In this document, which summarizes the requirements and parameters the company undertakes to respect as a reference point for its operations at the two airports, there is also a list of the ADR services for passengers with reduced mobility.

For further information on the service for passengers with reduced mobility visit the ADR Assistance website.

ADR, responds to comments, proposals and complaints from customers and passengers, in order to take corrective measures and reduce the number of problems.


Care to Fly transport service

Passengers with reduced mobility may be eligible for a continuous service from home to their seat on-board that will enable them to travel serenely and with greater autonomy.

“Care to Fly” is the new door-to-door service for passengers with reduced mobility who have requested – through the airline at the time of booking their ticket – support services at the airport. Upon departure, a driver will collect the passenger from the place and at the time chosen and accompany him/her to the airport where he/she will find ADR Assistance staff waiting for him/her. They will be assisted during all phases of boarding, (check-in, security, etc.) until they are seated in the cabin.
Upon landing at Fiumicino or Ciampino, the passenger will be accompanied, if necessary, to baggage reclaim and on to the exit of the airport. The Cooperativa Airport driver will then take them home or to any other desired destination.

To book the transport there is a form available on the ADR and ADR Assistance websites or the Cooperativa Airport can be contacted on the call centre number 0665079090.

The new “Care to Fly” transport service is offered at competitive rates with comfortable vehicles in order to meet all reduced mobility passenger requirements.