First aid and chemistries


Aeroporti di Roma first aid is open 24 hours a day, all year and provides medical assistance to passengers, companions and airport operators. Management of airport emergency services is supported by a centralized IT system, operative 24 hours a day and connected to seven stations located at strategic points around the airport.

Telephone +39 0665953133 - 3334


Flying at an advanced age

Most elderly passengers, as long as they do not suffer from particular diseases or severe cardiovascular complications, can travel with same precautions as other passengers.

This small guide with some useful tips for serene travel is dedicated to them.




The pharmacy is located in T3 (Departures level, 2nd floor, in the shopping area).

There are also three pharmacies that do not issue prescriptions, just before boarding area A1-A10, in the foodcurt of E gates and in boarding area E51-61.