Travel tips


ADR has useful tips for travellers to manage their departure better.

What is the size allowed for hand luggage?

Hand luggage, which is carefully controlled in the same way as hold luggage, must be no larger than 115 cm overall. Larger luggage is labelled and taken for storage in the hold at the check-in desk. For the weight limits applied to luggage (allowance), you should contact your airline.

Safety regulations: what liquids/fluids is it possible to take on-board?

European law in force since 2006 limits but does not prohibit liquids in hand luggage (perfumes, creams, shaving foam, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc.).
The rules provided for in the EU regulations are mandatory, thus, the security officers are obliged to enforce them to the letter. We suggest that you bring a resealable plastic bag with you to the airport, in order to avoid delays or hitches. If you do not have a resealable transparent plastic bag, you can find it in apposite dispensers close to security checks.
Once you have gone through security, the purchase of liquids is not subject to any restrictions: in fact, the shops at the airport provide sealed bags to carry liquids in until boarding.

Is it possible to leave without documents for countries within the Schengen agreement area?

No. A valid identification document is required for check-in.

How long before departure should you be at the airport?

Acceptance procedures for national and international flights vary depending on the destination and the airline, which should be contacted for information. At the check-in desk a ticket and a valid document – passport or identity card – must be shown to the staff of the handling company. In addition, you should check that the country you are travelling to does not require any vaccinations or a visa. Please also note that after checking in, and before making their way to the boarding gates, all passengers must undergo security checks. The time taken to carry out security checks may vary over the course of the same day. Therefore, it is recommended that passengers always arrive at the airport reasonably in advance.


Who carries out baggage reclaim at the airport?

As a result of the liberalization of airport services, baggage reclaim is carried out by ground handling companies only, not by the management company.

Handling companies that perform ground services on behalf of the airlines are:

  • Alitalia
  • W.F.S.
  • AviaPartner
  • Aviation Services
  • Consulta

If you lose your luggage, you should immediately contact the Lost Luggage desk of the handling company responsible, shown on the screen next to the baggage reclaim belts.

How to make baggage reclaim easier

To avoid your bag being confused with other bags of a similar size, shape and colour, you should make it recognizable with labels, stickers, coloured bands, etc. These details will make it easier to identify your bag upon arrival or if it is lost.

We suggest that you put a business card or a photocopy of a document in the suitcase, to allow identification if there is any confusion or if the external label is missing. At Arrivals you should check the reclaims’ screen for the number of the belt on which your luggage will arrive.

What to do at security

To reduce the time spent at security, we would suggest that you be prepared before reaching the metal detector and follow the instructions shown on the screens, by taking off everything that if detected, could require a more thorough check of you and your luggage. Put the following articles in the trays provided at security: electrical/electronic items, jackets, coats, metal objects, watches, wallets, purses, keys, belts, buckles, etc. Remember that it is not permitted to wear or carry in your hand luggage objects that can be used as weapons (metal files, scissors, golf clubs, etc.), explosives or flammable, poisonous, toxic and infectious substances. A list of objects not allowed on board is displayed at the check-in desk.

How and where to get information at the airport

ADR will communicate all useful information through various channels:

  • Screens and interactive stations located in the terminals show flight and boarding information, as well as special and/or abnormal events (strikes, etc.)
  • Information desks: Departures area Terminal 1, 3, Arrivals area Terminal 1 and 3
  • Loud speaker announcements
  • Aeroporti di Roma website – the ADR app
  • Other information channels not managed by ADR: airlines, handling companies (ground services) call centres and websites, the national civil aviation authority.