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  Flight Destination Scheduled time Expected time Effective time Terminal Flight status Tracking
ET 712 MADRID (MAD) 05:40 06:15
Cooperation flight
KL 1596 AMSTERDAM (AMS) 06:10 06:10 T1
Cooperation flight
TP 837 LISBON (LIS) 06:20 06:20 T3
FR 7000 BRUSSELS (BRU) 06:25 06:25 T3
Cooperation flight
LH 1849 MUNICH (MUC) 06:30 06:30 T3
Cooperation flight
LH 243 FRANKFURT (FRA) 06:40 06:40 T3
Cooperation flight
LX 1735 ZURICH (ZRH) 06:40 06:40 T3
Cooperation flight
AF 1005 PARIS (CDG) 06:45 06:45 T1
VY 6720 BARI (BRI) 06:45 06:45 T3
EZY4993 AMSTERDAM (AMS) 07:00 07:00 T2
Cooperation flight
Cooperation flight
Last update 26/10/2014 05:18:01
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  • Automate border controls

    Automate border controls

    Fiumicino is the first airport in italy to automate border controls. The e-Gates at Leonardo da Vinci are reducing the time required for border controls for all EU citizens that are over 18-years of age and hold an Electronic Passport.
    31/07/2014 External Communications

  • Focus on passenger activities

    Focus on passenger activities

    In Leonardo da Vinci Airport new last second ID card agency opens in the town of Fiumicino. Better integrated and quality services for passengers as a result of the cooperation between ADR and the town of Fiumicino.
    29/07/2014 External Communications

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