Spring/Summer 2020

Symbol of Made in Italy and the tradition of fine jewelry worldwide.

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A true expression of contemporaneity where floral elements are transformed into gold, creating a playful harmony of shapes and volumes. Earrings in white gold and diamonds.

Rome Airport Price: € 5.852,00

Downtown price: € 7.140,00

At Rome airport you save: € 1.288,00


Classic and iconic collection of the Maison, celebrating the combination of white gold or platinum with diamonds. Delicate, refined and elegant, the design of this collection is recognised by its exclusive “raised”, six-pronged setting for the diamond which emphasises the stone’s splendour with absolute lightness. Ring in white gold and diamonds.

Rome Airport Price: € 30.114,00

Downtown price: € 36.740,00

At Rome airport you save: € 6.626,00


The colored atmospheres and creativity of the period pervade rings, bracelets and earrings which, with their absolute luster of variety of colors recall the elegance of the Belle Époque. Bangle in white gold, diamonds and sapphires.

Rome Airport Price: € 5.237,00

Downtown price: € 6.390,00

At Rome airport you save: € 1.153,00