Consultation with airport users on 2017-21 proposed tariff evolution


Public hearing scheduled on October 5th 2016

In order to ensure the broadest discussion, publication of the following documents is arranged.

The following documents are courtesy translation of the documents published at the following url:; in case of differences between the english and the italian text, the italian text shall prevail.

* Re-published on 13th Sept. 2016 for marginal changes on page 11 (security charges)


Public hearing of Oct. 5th, 2016


It is also to be remembered that:

  • 26th September 2016 is the deadline for receipt by ADR of a first set of comments from users on the information submitted for consultation
  • 05th October 2016 is date when the meeting with the users at the Hilton Hotel, via Arturo Ferrarin 2 Fiumicino, at 10am will take place
  • 21st October 2016 is the deadline for the receipt by ADR of final comments by users
  • 27 October 2016 second public hearing with users at 10:00 am at the Hilton Garden Inn, Rome Airport via Vittorio Bragadin n.2 00054 Fiumicino (Cargo area)
  • 07th November 2016 is the deadline for the conclusion of the consultations


Public hearing of Oct. 27th, 2016







* Re-published on 2nd Nov.. 2016 for marginal changes on page 1/2



ADR: 2017-2021 tariff proposal (Nov. 22nd, 2016)


29/12/2016 update: