1 July 2020
Coronavirus: from 1 July, ADR is reopening boarding area E at Fiumicino airport
Aeroporti di Roma report that, as of 1 July, coinciding with the progressive reopening of non-Schengen international borders, boarding area E at Fiumicino airport, which was closed on 27 March due to the multiple cancellations of flights to and from Italy due to the Covid-19 crisis, will resume operations.

This decision confirms ADR's strong commitment to helping the recovery of air traffic, once again providing passengers with a state-of-the-art infrastructure which, thanks to the high quality of the services offered and greater comfort, has made a decisive contribution to Fiumicino's recognition as the best airport in Europe in the last three years. It also represents a solid signal from ADR to commercial operators for a gradual return to normality: in fact, in boarding area E, there is an exclusive shopping gallery, one of the largest in Europe, which represents a real "Made in Italy" square, with a unique range in the luxury fashion and catering sector. Most retail outlets at Fiumicino have confirmed their resumption of operations. Amongst them, are the best Italian brands.

The reopening of boarding area E involves a change in the current configuration of Fiumicino airport. From 1 July, whilst all check-in operations and security checks will still be carried out in Terminal 3, gates B and D, previously reserved for domestic/Schengen and Non-Schengen flights respectively, will no longer be used. All flights will be operated from boarding area E, where a new passport control area has been installed for the occasion and from which transits to and from non-Schengen destinations will also be possible. There is no change for arrivals and baggage reclaim, which continue to take place in Terminal 3.

Aeroporti di Roma reminds passengers that, according to the latest government regulations, the entrance to the terminal, subject to body temperature control using thermal scanners, is permitted only to passengers and airport operators through the level 5 departure hall of Terminal 3 and the mezzanine of Terminal 3 for those arriving from the multi-storey car parks and train station. Exit from the terminal is permitted at the departure level of Terminal 3 from door 3 and at the arrivals level from door 2. It should also be remembered that, inside the airport, as well as in all enclosed premises that are open to the public, it is compulsory to wear a protective mask and maintain a distance of at least one metre between other people. This measure is in addition to all other initiatives taken by ADR to make the airport safe and comfortable: from the sanitising of the entire airport perimeter, to the rearrangement of the spaces inside the airport to ensure social distancing, which is indicated by new signs. The information on the service monitors has been increased, information signs have been added and over 250 sanitising gel dispensers and mask dispensers have been installed.