15 December 2023
Passengers can also fly to 15 non-Schengen countries with the IPZS-issued document
Fiumicino, 15 December 2023 - The latest news for passengers travelling with their ID card from Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino airports: Aeroporti di Roma takes another step in the path towards making the airport passenger experience faster and safer. Just a few days after its launch at Ciampino's G.B. Pastine airport, Italian identity cards can now be used at Italy's main airport, Fiumicino's Leonardo da Vinci, at e-gates that were previously restricted to passport control. The 32.4 million Italian electronic identity cards (CIEs) issued to people over the age of 14 after 7 February 2018 will therefore make it easier for passengers to travel safely: all they have to do is present their electronic identity card, issued by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS) on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, at the e-gates, thus speeding up checks on their personal document thanks to this innovative service. With this innovation, the capital's hubs are the first in Italy to implement the latest regulations issued by the Ministry of the Interior's Public Security Department, which recently authorised the use of e-gates for holders of electronic identity cards for the following 15 destinations:
- Albania;
- Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- Bulgaria;
- Cyprus;
- Georgia;
- Ireland;
- Kosovo;
- North Macedonia;
- Moldova;
- Montenegro;
- Romania;
- Serbia;
- Turkey;
- Egypt (tourism travel only);
- Tunisia (tourism travel only).
For any countries not included on this list, the rules remain unchanged and passengers will need an electronic passport issued by the Questura to use the e-gates when travelling to/from Italy.
Every year, at Aeroporti di Roma airports, more than 50% of passengers of all nationalities use e-gates for passport control, which reduces queue times considerably. This number puts Fiumicino and Ciampino airports ahead of all other European airports for use and functionality of e-gates. In total, around 80 e-gates have been installed at the two airports. At Ciampino, the first airport to introduce this electronic ID system, around 15% of Italian passengers opted to use e-gates instead of the traditional checkpoints during the first week of operation.
Aeroporti di Roma, an Mundys Group company, manages and develops the Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino airports and carries out other activities related and complementary to airport management. Fiumicino, the first and only airport in Italy with a Skytrax rating of 5 stars for excellent standards in service quality, has two passenger terminals and is dedicated to business and leisure customers on domestic, international and intercontinental routes; Ciampino is mainly used by low-cost airlines, express-couriers and General Aviation activities In 2019, ADR recorded 49.4 million passengers as an airport system. (In the first half of 2023, Fiumicino airport recorded approximately 17.9 million passengers,  while Ciampino Airport closed the first half of 2023 with 1,9 million passengers). Over the past five years, Aeroporti di Roma has received numerous awards, recognitions and quality certificates. The main ones are the AIRPORT SERVICE QUALITY AWARD, awarded by ACI World for the category of European airports with more than 40 million passengers per year for the years 2017 to 2022 for the high level of passenger satisfaction, and the ACI EUROPE BEST AIRPORT AWARD, category of airports with more than 40 million passengers per year, for the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022: the award, in this case, rewards the achievement of excellence in several disciplines, including security, operations, infrastructure, community relations, environmental awareness and customer care. Thanks to these achievements, in 2022, ACI World included ADR in the 'Director General's Roll of Excellence', to which only 69 out of more than 18,000 airports worldwide belong for the very high levels of quality offered to their passengers. SKYTRAX, in 2018 awarded ADR the WORLD'S MOST IMPROVED AIRPORT AWARD based on the evaluation of services experienced by passengers at various airports around the world. In 2022, ADR received the BEST AIRPORT STAFF IN EUROPE AWARD from Skytrax for meeting precise parameters of friendliness and efficiency of customer service staff at the air terminal. ADR also distinguished itself in sustainability by receiving the LEADERSHIP IN SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMITMENT TO RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation in 2020. In the field of innovation, in 2021, in connection with the SESAR - Single European Sky project, ADR was awarded the ACI EUROPE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AWARD for the airport's investment in the brand new Airport Operation Centre, and the implementation of the innovation model focused on Open Innovation. In 2022, Plug and Play Tech Center, the largest private investment fund in Silicon Valley, presented ADR with the 'Corporate Innovation Award' for its commitment to promoting open innovation initiatives and building an innovative 'airport of the future', Award confirmed for 2023.