16 November 2015
The Belgian airline Jetairfly
The Belgian airline directly connects Rome Fiumicino airport to the Flanders and the city of Antwerp


The airline Jetairfly expands Rome Fiumicino airport services by directly connecting the Italian capital with four Belgian art cities, very popular with tourists: Ostend, Bruges and Ghent in the East Flanders, and the city of Antwerp. 

By offering this new service, this dynamic low cost airline aims to fulfil the requirements of different types of travellers:

  • Roman tourists, who will now be able to easily reach the charming Flemish art cities of Ostend, Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp;
  • business travellers, as these new routes connect two economically important European regions;
  • Belgian tourists, who regard Rome as one of their favourite destinations;
  • Passengers who regularly travel between these two countries to visit their families and friends.


Boasting the youngest fleet in Belgium (23 aircrafts), Jetairfly is the second largest Belgian airline. It operates 180 routes with 105 destinations, leaving from Brussels, Charleroi, Liège, Antwerp and Ostend. In 2014 alone, Jetairfly carried almost 4 million passengers and employs 1,075 people (summer 2015). Jetairfly is part of the multinational tourism group TUI.  

Rome - Antwerp: 3 flights a week.

Rome – Ostend: 3 flights a week.