23 November 2023
ADR: e-gates for Italian citizens holding an electronic identity card (CIE) to a list of non-Schengen destinations
Opening today at the 'G.B. Pastine’ airport in Ciampino, and in a few days also at the 'Leonardo da Vinci' airport in Fiumicino
 Another step in the path towards making the airport passenger experience faster and seamless.
Starting from today, at the ‘G.B. Pastine’ airport in Ciampino, passengers can use Italian ID cards at the e-gates – before now only for passports – provided they are electronic (CIE), valid for foreign travels and issued after 7 February 2018.

This option is valid for passengers holding Italian citizenship and over the age of 14 and in a few days will be extended to the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ airport in Fiumicino: this will make Rome airports the first in Italy to introduce this innovation, which implements the provisions of the Ministry of the Interior Department of Public Security, which recently authorised the use of electronic gates also for CIE holders for the following destinations:

- Albania;
- Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- Bulgaria;
- Cyprus;
- Georgia;
- Ireland;
- Kosovo;
- North Macedonia;
- Moldova;
- Montenegro;
- Romania;
- Serbia;
- Turkey;
- Egypt (tourism travel only);
- Tunisia (tourism travel only).

For any countries not included on this list, the rules remain unchanged and passengers will need an electronic valid passport to use the e-gates when travelling to/from Italy.
Every year, at Aeroporti di Roma airports, more than 50% of passengers of all nationalities use e-gates for passport control, which reduces queue times considerably. This numbers put Fiumicino and Ciampino airports ahead of all other European airports for use and functionality of e-gates.