23 November 2023
The airport opens the largest public car park for electric vehicles in Italy ‘ADR E-Move’ creates 74 new parking spaces at Leonardo Da Vinci
The drive to make Rome's airports more innovative and sustainable continues. A new important milestone has been added in this direction: as of today, the new 'ADR e-move' car park is open at Leonardo da Vinci, Italy’s main airport.
Located on the first floor of the Terminal B multi-storey car park, 'ADR e-move' is the first and largest car park in Italy reserved exclusively for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, with a total of 74 parking spaces, to be doubled by 2024. The 37 22-Kw columns can recharge an electric car in 4-5 hours and a hybrid in 2 hours, which is in line with the parking habits of customers in the multi-storey car parks. The car park has special entrances and exits and allows customers to park their cars and recharge them in full, as well as the option of combining payment with the parking fee via the entrance ticket, online booking and the easyParking App that can be downloaded from the stores and is already available on the world's leading e-roaming platform HUBJECT.
Aeroporti di Roma strives constantly to achieve increasingly high levels of environmental sustainability, with the target of zero emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 2030 and progressively reducing airport-related emissions (Scope 3). In particular, the initiative launched today aims to reduce the load of emissions related to airport accessibility, i.e. those generated by passengers. This forms the basis of the decision to initiate a true 'green transition' for ADR Mobility, the ADR group company that deals with the development and management of mobility services at Rome's airports and which, as part of the more general programme to expand the offer of parking spaces for electric vehicles at the airport, is a player in the e-mobility market in the roles of both Charging Point Operator and Mobile Service Provider.
The new parking recharging points are added to the 8 ultra-rapid recharging bays already present at the airport, and were opened today in the presence of the Chief Commercial Officer of ADR Marilena Blasi, the CEO of ADR Mobility Antonio Fraccari, the Secretary General of Motus-e Francesco Naso, the CEO of ANIASA (National Association of the Car Rental, Sharing mobility and Automotive digital industry) Giuseppe Benincasa and the CEO of AIPARK(Italian Association of Parking and Mobility Operators) Laurence Bannerman. ADR e-move is part of the larger project to install 5,400 electric charging points by 2031.

“Today, Aeroporti di Roma has taken a further step towards decarbonisation. The path is still long and challenging, but we are already seeing the first results, which, in the short term, will lead to the construction of three new photovoltaic plants in our hub, one of which will be in the Lunga Sosta car park. In addition, the installation of the recharging stations will further enhance the passenger experience at our airports, which will also be more easily reached by electric vehicles through our charging stations that can be booked online," said ADR Chief Commercial Officer Marilena Blasi.

"After the installation of 8 ultra-fast DC charging infrastructures on the airport roadway between July and December 2022, with 100 kW per outlet, the inauguration of this car park is a further step on the way to simplifying vehicle charging for our customers, which include passengers, accompanying persons and rent-a-car operators. ADR Mobility has positioned itself firmly in the e-mobility value chain with the dual role of CPO and e-MSP," said ADR Mobility CEO Antonio Fraccari.