22 February 2016
Sugar: a sweet airport
A new retail outlet has just opened at Fiumicino, combining design with quality and taste


Something new at the airport for lovers of sweets... and much more. A new retail outlet has just opened at departure Terminal 3 of Rome-Fiumicino airport, combining design with quality and taste. It is called "Zucchero" (sugar), a true boutique of fashion-food Made in Italy that, with its innovative and exclusive vision, is already delighting the palates of our passengers.

The "Zucchero" shop captivates you at first glance. Brightly coloured products are carefully laid out and lure clients into an exciting sensory experience, to the discovery of its patisserie, in its tasty essence of vitality and magic. The products are unique and combine flavour and elegance, perfume and art.

The offer is vast: indeed "Zucchero" does not only offer sweets, marshmallows, bonbons, confetti and chocolate. To entice the most refined palates, seasonally the store proposes a vast range of other delicacies, including torrone nougat, biscuits, milk chocolate and spiced chocolate. 

"Zucchero" also combines the flavour of its products with careful attention to detail: a rigorous analysis of ingredient quality and the selection of design packaging, never trivial, but bespoke, attractive and practical. Stopping by the Zucchero shop at Fiumicino airport is therefore certainly advisable, if not even mandatory! For some it might be the chance to experiment with new and exciting flavours, for others instead it might be the opportunity to plunge into a cosy environment in which it is possible to dare, and do it with creativity and joy, or represent the way to surprise one's family or friends by giving them the sweetest and most original of gifts.