21 January 2016
Talented pianists at Fiumicino
The Terminal 1 departures lounges have today once again resounded with the playing of quality music

The Terminal 1 departures lounges at Fiumicino airport have today once again resounded with the playing of quality music which helped the embarkation waiting times for many passengers pass more quickly.

During the day of music on the theme of ''Fantasy for the piano – From People in Distant Lands'', the Rome airport as the ''new stage for young talent'' has shown off the gifts of the pianist Umberto Jacopo Laureti, who played us the Prelude in D Major by Shostakovich and the Eighth Novelletta by Robert Schumann.

''It is a different, lovely and stimulating experience - emphasizes Laureti, aged 24, one of two from at the Academia di Santa Cecilia, and a master player in London - it is important to bring quality music to an unusual venue like an airport, even if it is easy to get the right level of concentration and attention: while waiting for a flight it has been gratifying to find passengers who are nevertheless interested in music and it has been a lot of fun to play in this real life situation”.

Follow the progress of the Santa Cecilia in flightproject, which was launched last December by Adr and the Academia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

Once again the initiative has attracted interest and appreciation from the passengers in transit who loudly applauded the young Leonardo Pierdomenico for his piano playing.