16 December 2015
With this event, Aeroporti di Roma and the Santa Cecilia National Academy inaugurate a cycle of concerts call “Santa Cecilia al Volo” (Santa Cecilia on the move) - every Thursday at the Leonardo da Vinci airport. Over the next six months, the Leonardo da Vinci airport will become an innovative stage for young musical talents.

Fiumicino, 16 December 2015 – The cycle of musical events promoted by Aeroporti di Roma, in partnership with the Santa Cecilia National Academy, begins with an exceptional performance.

Antonio Pappano, on Wednesday 16 December - flying in from London - will sit at the piano positioned at Gate 1 - boarding area B - of the Fiumicino Airport. The English-Italian Director, together with Maestro Carlo Maria Parazzoli, First Violin of the Orchestra of the Santa Cecilia National Academy, will interpret two movements of the Sonata n. 2 for violin and piano op. 100 by Johannes Brahms and of the Csárdás by Vittorio Monti, also for violin and piano. Twenty minutes of renowned sheets of music, interpreted by internationally famous artists for an audience of occasional passengers, on an unusual and innovative stage.

The musical performance offered by Maestro Pappano inaugurates the entire cycle of concerts called “Santa Cecilia al Volo” (Santa Cecilia on the move). Every Thursday, at the B and D boarding areas, concerts will be performed by young pianists from the Higher Education courses at the Academy, by students in the JuniOrchestra, and by artists in the Academy’s Choirs.

Twenty concerts between December and May 2016. It all starts on Thursday 17 December with a programme called “Humour in music”, with Umberto Laureti - a young, talented musician from the Specialisation Courses at Santa Cecilia - at the piano, playing music by Haydn and Liszt.


Antonio Pappano will also be the first to try the new service Aeroporti di Roma offers passengers, in the Airport Pianos project. Each of the four grand pianos - positioned beyond the safety gates and around Terminals 1 and 3 - will be accompanied by a totem pole equipped with a tablet and video camera. The passengers, and Maestro Pappano first, will have the chance to record their musical performances and authorise them to be shared on the Aeroporti di Roma social network accounts. All they need to do is enter their details, choose the time of the performance and start playing.

Aeroporti di Roma, a company of Gruppo Atlantia, manages the airports of Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino, and conducts other collateral activities for airport facility management. Fiumicino operates four passenger terminals. It is dedicated to business and leisure flights to and from national, international and intercontinental destinations; Ciampino is mainly dedicated to low-cost airlines, express couriers and General Aviation activities. In 2014, the ADR airports system recorded around 44 million passengers, with over 230 destinations worldwide that can be reached from Rome thanks to the 100 airline companies operating from the two airports.


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