14 November 2020
Reduction of Fiumicino operations
Aeroporti di Roma reports that, due to the new sharp decline in passenger traffic, it has prepared a further plan to downsize the infrastructural layout of Fiumicino airport.

As of Tuesday 17 November, boarding areas E31-E44 (West Satellite), which can currently be reached via the people mover train, will be temporarily closed and all boarding/disembarkation procedures towards Non-Schengen destinations will be managed at the current Gate E, where a new emigration boarder has been set up.

All check-in procedures, security checks, immigration checks and baggage reclaim procedures remain at Terminal 3, according to the existing scheme.

The decision, which follows the closure of Terminal 1 on 17 March and the major downsizing of the Fiumicino boarding areas, became necessary due to the new sharp decline in air traffic which, due to Covid-19, continues to decrease by much more than 80%.