22 October 2020
This initiative, which has involved artists from all over the world, is part of a project aimed at enhancing the architecture at the Leonardo da Vinci airport.

Fiumicino, 22 October 2020 - The initiative launched last June by Aeroporti di Roma entitled “Leonardo and the voyage” has come to a conclusion, crowning two overall winners.  Beyond the limits of man and space The two sculptors, Alda Marina Iacoianni and Diego Perrone, crowned respective winners in the Young and Over... categories, together with the sculptor Silvia Scaringella, who was nominated a winner by the public through an online vote, all received a plaque during an award ceremony held this morning, which was attended by ENAC's General Manager, Alessio Quaranta, and ADR's Managing Director, Marco Troncone.

The project involved artists from all over the world. The sculptors were asked to create contemporary works of art recalling the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, from whom the Capitoline airport takes its name. This competition was announced on the websites of companies managing airports and was also promoted on various art sites.

The competition announcement was aimed at Italian and foreign artists under 40 years of age for the Young category, and Italian and foreign artists over 40 years of age for the Over...category.

In terms of technical requirements, the competition specified that the sculptural work should be made using the precious white marble of the Apuan Alps known throughout the world as Carrara marble, and should also be within particular size and weight limits.  In order to best represent the spirit of Da Vinci’s genius, the concepts of freedom, speed, dynamism, technology, innovation, as well as a precise and analytical study of the human body and nature as a way of transcending the limits of man and nature, had to be conveyed in the work.

The sculptures of the two winning artists, selected by a board of experts, were primarily made in their studios, with the final part being completed “live” in the workshops set up in Terminal 3. Once completed, they were transferred to boarding area E, where, along with the works of other finalists, they are currently on display, to be enjoyed and admired by passengers of the Leonardo da Vinci airport.