21 July 2022
Airports of Rome for business continuity
Important recognition for Aeroporti di Roma. It has obtained ISO 22301 certification for business continuity management from TÜV Italia, adding a significant piece to its standards of operation and resilience.

In particular, Aeroporti di Roma, for its AirPort Operations Centre (APOC) processes, has implemented state-of-the-art infrastructures, technologies, processes and backup systems to protect against risk events that may impact its business continuity to prevent interruptions or suspensions of services and minimise inconveniences for Fiumicino airport stakeholders.

"I would like to thank TÜV Italia for their recognition of us," said Ing. Ivan Bassato, Chief Aviation Officer of Aeroporti di Roma - With today, Fiumicino takes a further step toward the future airport. The centralised APOC-Airport Operation Centre control room is an essential tool in planning, monitoring and improving our airport's business continuity management system. The technological component enhances the human factor in the name of integration and coordination between all airport operators. Thanks to the constant efforts and commitment of everyone, we have achieved an important result within the framework of Aeroporti di Roma's strategy based on excellence in service quality and safety, sustainability and innovation'.

"Obtaining ISO 22301 certification represents an important recognition of the maturity of the ADR Group's governance and risk control processes and constitutes a further element of strengthening our internal control system," adds Lorenzo Rinaldi, Vice President of Risk Governance & Compliance of Aeroporti di Roma.

"Returning to work with Aeroporti di Roma was a privilege and an unrenounceable opportunity. From the start, the management and dedicated staff showed their commitment to completing the certification project on schedule," says Stefania Pesce, Sales Area Manager of T֮ÜV Italia.

Her words are joined by those of Antonio Bagiolini, Business Line Manager - ICT - Technical Coordinator - T֮ÜV Italia, who followed the certification process:

"ISO 22301 is a standard that necessarily requires the transversal involvement of all operational and management areas of the company to identify the requirements for the planning and implementation of a management system suitable for preventing risks and protecting the organisation from events that could potentially cause operational disruption. Aeroporti di Roma has fully demonstrated, during the certification process, that it possesses two great values, which are awareness and the capacity for involvement and participation, at all levels of the company, concerning the principles that underpin resilience and the guarantee of continuity to its stakeholders."