4 March 2024
Fiumicino, 29 February 2024 – Aeroporti di Roma, the operator of Rome Fiumicino airport and Ciampino airport, which are both members of the Mundys Group, announces the launch of ÈLEVATE, the new ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) Supplier Development Programme aimed at promoting the sustainable growth and development of its suppliers and partners. The advent of the launch of this programme was the first Supplier & Partner Summit organised by Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) and held at Fiumicino's Leonardo da Vinci Terminal 5.

The event was attended by Katia Riva, Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer at Mundys; Marco Frey, Chairman of Global Compact Italia and Chairman of ADR's Sustainability Committee; Andrea Tardiola, General Manager of INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work); Davide Scotti, Head of HSE Culture, Communication and Training at Saipem; Giulia Ritondale, Head of Sustainability at Open Fiber; and Elena Guarnone, Head of Sustainability at Edison. The morning session, after opening remarks from Marco Troncone, Chief Executive Officer of ADR, and Gabriele Di Cintio, VP of Procurement & Logistics at ADR, delved into a comprehensive strategic examination of crucial topics within the sector, including sustainability, occupational health and safety, macroeconomic scenarios and supply chain impacts. Antonella Zolla, Head of Health & Safety at ADR, took the stage to raise awareness on occupational health and safety, sharing insights into the airport operator's strategies in this area, aiming to foster a widespread culture of prevention.  In the afternoon, the focus shifted towards sustainability best practices and the presentation of Aeroporti di Roma's 2024 Procurement Plan and Supplier Development Programme. 

“This marked a pivotal moment for the comprehensive integration and forward trajectory of ADR alongside our entire supply chain”, expressed Marco Troncone, CEO of Aeroporti di Roma, “rooted in the ethos of sustainable development. We do so within the broader concept and desire to work as a system, realising that an airport, indeed any company, cannot work and think within its own walls, but must appreciate that it can and does have a large effect all around us. As we navigate this transformative phase, we must be aware and also bear the responsibility to inspire and engage those around us: our business partners, our commercial partners, the area in which we operate and the hundreds of thousands of passengers who use our airports. The airport serves as a catalyst for development and is a driving force for economic and social growth as well as for the dissemination and knowledge of best practices.”

“Sustainability stands as a cornerstone for Mundys and is managed through an integrated and transparent approach, guided by the principles of the planet, people and prosperity that guide the definition of the actions implemented by our Group. Events such as this serve, among other things, as a reminder that we must aim to combine the fight against climate change with value generation, especially when viewed through the lens of the supply chain.  <<Collaboration>> emerges as the linchpin, wherein partners across the supply chain play a central role not only for the quality of the products or services they provide but also for their commitment to supply them while taking into account the environmental and social impact of their operations.  Mundys, for its part, provides tools and know-how for real and measurable collaboration on decarbonisation, occupational safety and the development of best practices to mitigate ESG risks”, remarked Katia Riva, Chief Sustainability, Innovation Officer at Mundys.

“As part of ADR's Supplier & Partner Summit, attended by almost 400 suppliers, we announced the launch of the ÈLEVATE Programme, marking a significant stride towards our mission to develop a more sustainable and collaborative future", announced Gabriele Di Cintio, VP of Procurement & Logistics at ADR. “In a world where sustainable development is imperative, we actively committed to it and engage our suppliers in this collective vision. The ÈLEVATE programme is tailored to meet the needs of individual participants, underscoring Aeroporti di Roma's commitment to nurturing a value chain with a long-term, sustainable outlook.  We firmly believe that sustainability and growth are inextricably linked, and our programme embodies this intrinsic link”.

“The challenge of sustainability cannot be effectively tackled unless the supply chain operates in a spirit of partnership with the supply chain leaders. The launch of ADR's supplier engagement strategy demonstrates a strategic commitment to guiding its supply chain towards shared value creation that contributes the competitiveness of companies within a pivotal sector of our country”, commented Marco Frey, Chairman of Global Compact Italy and Chairman of ADR's Sustainability Committee.

“I extend my sincere appreciation for summit between ADR and its suppliers. This approach not only advances elevated safety standards but also promotes resilience and enhances the capabilities of Italian companies”, stated Andrea Tardiola, General Manager of INAIL.

The event marked a pivotal moment of thematic insights, knowledge exchange and networking, drawing esteemed figures from the industrial and sustainability sector. The Supplier & Partner Summit 2024 served as an open forum for dialogue and discussion with ADR's entire supply chain as well as an opportunity to strengthen collaboration between the airport operators and ADR's suppliers by presenting the ÈLEVATE project. The event charts a course to support all suppliers, recognising their decisive role in the achievement of sustainability objectives, aimed at fostering ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) growth across the supply chain and offering the possibility to benefit from a range of services, provided by select partners, to improve the environmental, social and governance impact of participants. Based on the maturity of participants in terms of sustainability, defined by their ESG questionnaire scores, the programme envisages two different paths: the 'Development Path' aimed at improving the participants' ESG knowledge and skills, and the 'Innovation Path', aimed at involving the most virtuous ESG participants in the development of innovative projects in partnership with ADR.
The ÈLEVATE programme is tailored to meet the needs of individual participants, underscoring Aeroporti di Roma's active commitment to nurturing a value chain with a long-term, sustainable outlook.