2 August 2023
Trenitalia, new direct connection from Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport to Naples with Frecciarossa
The service, active from 5 August, will leave every day at 21:53 FCO Connect, the service for intermodal passengers launched by Trenitalia, Aeroporti di Roma and ITA Airways, exceeded 7,000 check-ins with peak demand in the afternoon All ITA Airways passengers, including domestic ones, will be able to check in at the FCO Connect desks, whether in possession of a combined train+plane ticket or with a plane ticket only
Trenitalia, the lead company of the FS group's Polo Passeggeri, will introduce a new connection with the Frecciarossa that will connect Rome Fiumicino airport with Naples starting from 5 August. The service, carried out with a Frecciarossa 1000, will leave from Fiumicino airport station at 21:53 and arrive in Naples Central Station at 23:56, stopping at Roma Termini.

It is a convenient solution for all travellers who will land at Leonardo da Vinci airport in the evening and an opportunity to directly reach the centre of Naples. The new service is also available for the direct Frecciarossa connection which leaves from Fiumicino Airport at 09:38 and arrives in Naples at 11:33 to intercept the morning flights, as well as in the opposite direction, which leaves from Naples at 05:45 and arrives at Fiumicino Airport at 07:52.
Other Frecciarossa trains connect the airport of Rome to the city centre of Naples and also of Florence, Bologna, Padua, and Venice.

In this way, the travel experience, which combines air and rail transport, will be increasingly integrated. A solution that fully matches with FCO Connect: the service launched by Trenitalia, Aeroporti di Roma and ITA Airways designed to carry out check-in operations directly at the Fiumicino Airport railway station desks.

The service started last April and is intended for travellers who reach Fiumicino airport on Frecciarossa, with Leonardo Express or with a regional train and continue their journey with ITA Airways towards the national, international, and intercontinental network, for except for flights to the USA and Israel. The possibility of checking in at the FCO Connect desks is guaranteed to all holders of individual Trenitalia and ITA Airways tickets and to those who purchase the combined "train+plane" ticket.

At the FCO Connect desks, baggage can be delivered for those who have checked-in online and to check-in directly for those who do not have a digital boarding pass.

Since the inauguration of the service, last April, and until end of July, more than 7,000 passengers carried out the check-in operations at the station counters, of which 6,400 with at least one hold baggage. Only in the last few weeks, around 100 passengers have used the service every day at the dedicated desks of the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport train station in Fiumicino, where it is also possible to deliver luggage directly and then collect it at the final destination operated by ITA Airways.

These results represent an important signal and a step forward for increasingly integrated and sustainable mobility, which places customer experience, innovation, and attention to the environment at the centre.
Regarding passengers who reach the airport by train, the growing trend recorded in the spring months is confirmed and, for summer 2023, there is an increase in bookings.
On the podium of foreign travellers who choose the combined "train+plane" ticket on an equal footing, in first position, Argentina and the USA, followed by Brazil.
The top five departure/arrival cities by train are instead made up of Florence, Naples, Milan, Bologna and Venice, given the possibility of arriving directly at Fiumicino Airport without additional railway stops, simplifying the journey and shortening the time.