26 April 2022
By winning its fifth consecutive quality award, Leonardo da Vinci joins the ranks of the world's elite airports that excel in terms of service quality according to passenger evaluations.

Fiumicino - 26 April 2022 - Leonardo da Vinci continues to collect awards for the level of quality provided to passengers.  For the fifth consecutive year Fiumicino is the most popular airport among passengers. The award was announced by ACI (Airports Council International) - The international association which independently assesses perceived quality in more than 300 airports worldwide by means of interviews with travellers and awarded Fiumicino the “Airport Service Quality Award” for 2021.

Satisfaction with the quality of services provided by the capital's airport exceeds that of other major European airports (with over 40 million passengers), with an annual record score of 4.59 (on a scale where the maximum score is 5). Italy's main airport ranks first overall even if the comparison is extended to all airports of all sizes in the European Union. So far, only 5 airports in the European Union have achieved a similar result.

Among the services provided by Leonardo da Vinci which are most appreciated by passengers include the general comfort of the airport, the cleanliness of Terminals and toilets, the food, drink and shopping options available, the friendly and helpful airport staff, the clarity of the information provided to passengers as a result of the new digital installations and the innovative information management system. The accessibility of the airport was particularly appreciated, thanks to ADR’s official parking system, which guarantees comfort and security in parking areas close to the Terminal.

Thanks to this achievement, ACI has included ADR in the “Director General’s Roll of Excellence” for 2022, a register of excellence in which only four airports in the world joined in 2021, in a very exclusive list of 64 airports out of 18000 existing airports worldwide, since this prestigious recognition exists. A distinction that makes Leonardo da Vinci airport a champion of excellence in the industry, helping to raise the bar for passenger service levels.

"Rome Fiumicino Airport has consistently delivered excellence in customer service by winning five consecutive ASQ awards over the past five years and is one of only four airports in the world to receive the award for 2021 - commented ACI World General Manager Luis Felipe de Oliveira - I am confident that it will continue to be a model for excellence in airport service quality and work with ACI to raise the level of service standards and best practices in the industry".

“This recognition is a fantastic achievement and comes after two years of crisis which our people have tackled with determination and perseverance - commented the Chief Executive Officer of Aeroporti di Roma, Marco Troncone - and is of special significance: it is an award that rewards persistent work which began many years ago, the result of a profound change in culture and approach and established by means of method, commitment and long-term investments, carried out within the enabling framework of the Programme Contract defined with Enac in 2013. It is also an acknowledgement of the company's determination to ensure Fiumicino airport's role as a sustainable and innovative primary smart hub at European level, which, in addition to continuing to represent Italian excellence abroad, we are certain will also provide added value in view of upcoming international events".

Aeroporti di Roma, an Atlantia Group company, manages and develops the airports of Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino and carries out other activities associated with and supplementary to airport management. Fiumicino has two passenger terminals and is dedicated to business and leisure customers on national, international and intercontinental routes; Ciampino is mainly used by low-cost airlines, express couriers and General Aviation activities. In 2019, ADR recorded, as an airport system, 49.4 million passengers with over 240 destinations worldwide that can be reached from Rome, thanks to the approximately 100 airlines operating in the two airports (In 2021, following the effects induced by Covid-19 on air transport, Fiumicino airport recorded just 11.7 million passengers, whilst Ciampino airport closed the year with 2.3 million passengers). In 2020 the Airports Council International Europe awarded Leonardo da Vinci the "Best Airport Award 2020". For the third consecutive year, Leonardo da Vinci confirmed its first place out of all European hubs with over 40 million passengers. Thanks to this achievement, ACI has included ADR in the “Director General’s Roll of Excellence” for 2022, a register of excellence which only includes 64 airports worldwide (out of more than 18,000 airports worldwide), which have distinguished themselves by offering exceedingly high levels of quality to their passengers. The award is added to the recognition of Airports Council International World which, in 2022, for the fifth consecutive year, awarded Leonardo da Vinci the "Airport Service Quality 2021" award as the most popular airport in Europe amongst the hubs with more than 40 million passengers. ADR's management expertise is also confirmed by the awards received in 2019 by Skytrax, the main international rating and assessment company in the airport sector, which confirmed the 4 Skytrax stars obtained by Fiumicino in 2017. Major awards have also been received in the area of digital innovation, the main driver of ADR's strategy. During 2021, the “Digital Transformation Award”' was awarded to Fiumicino airport as part of the ACI Europe Best Airport Awards. Lastly, with reference to the measures implemented for health protection, the hubs have distinguished themselves by winning numerous awards: the “Airport Health Accreditation” for the 2020 and 2021, the “Airport Health Measures Audit” in 2020, which certified the Safeguard airports, the “Biosafety Trust Certification” by RINA in 2020, the result of a careful investigation on the containment measures adopted for all forms of possible contagion and the “Covid-19 Skytrax Airport Rating 2020” which awarded Leonardo da Vinci 5 stars globally based on the efficiency of the procedures and the results of the ATP tests.



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