11 December 2019
This is a real innovation that will allow the Roman airport to further increase the comfort of its passengers

Fiumicino, 11 December 2019 – Fiumicino airport is more and more high tech. Today saw the start of the trial of a new check-in and boarding system that, by using biometric facial recognition, will allow an easier, quicker and safer transit for departing passengers. In fact, the procedure expedites the check-in, security and boarding processes, reducing the time that passengers are left waiting and optimising airport operations, with obvious advantages for the overall quality of the travel experience.

Fiumicino, thanks also to the support of Enac and the State Police, is the first airport in Italy and one of the first in Europe to trial the new boarding process of the future. In this six-month long phase, the project will only involve passengers travelling from Rome Fiumicino to Amsterdam. Travellers will be given the opportunity to volunteer for biometric security checks.

The system is fast, easy, safe. A multimedia device measures facial biometric characteristics and electronically acquires the information contained in the passport and boarding card. This data becomes associated with the face through appropriately specialised cameras, in full compliance with the privacy policy. With this system, it will no longer be necessary to show documents or boarding cards.

No photo will be saved. The system temporarily notes only the biometric contours of the face which, similarly to what was already occurring with e-gates for passport control, are used to recognise passengers. This system allows the use of dedicated lanes, simplifying the whole airport departure process. The temporarily-used information will be deleted once the passenger has boarded.

 “We are delighted,” stated CEO of ADR, Uo de Carolis, “to announce the launch of this development in the Roman airport that, from today, is the first in Italy and one of the first in Europe to trial this innovative technology that will allow us to further increase the comfort of our passengers. We have recently received a further recognition that has praised Fiumicino’s quality, which has placed it in first place in Europe with regards to passenger satisfaction. We are confident that, thanks also to the use of new technology, we will be able to best meet the challenges of the future to guarantee you an ever safer and more comfortable stay at the airport”.


Aeroporti di Roma, an Atlantia Group company, manages and develops the Fiumicino and Ciampino airports in Rome and performs other activities related and complimentary to airport management. Fiumicino operates through two passenger terminals. It is dedicated to business and leisure clients on national, international and intercontinental routers. Ciampino is mainly used by low-cost airlines, by express couriers and for General Aviation operations. In 2018 the ADR airport system registered 48.8 million passengers, with over 230 destinations across the world that can be accessed from Rome thanks to around 100 airlines operating in the two airports. In 2019 the Airports Council International Europe awarded Leonardo da Vinci with the “Best Airport 2018”. For the second year in a row, Fiumicino has been confirmed as the top-ranked of 20 European airports with over 25 million passengers for its quality of service, technological innovation, and the efficiency of its infrastructure. This adds to the “Airport Service Quality” award granted to the Leonardo da Vinci airport in 2019, for the second year in a row, by the Airports Council International World as the most appreciated airport in Europe amongst hubs with more than 40 million passengers. ADR’s management skills have also been confirmed during 2019 by the awards received from Skytrax, the main international society for the rating and evaluation of the airport sector, which verified that Fiumicino achieved 4 Skytrax stars in 2017.


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