31 July 2017
The 4X4 pick-ups are equipped with fire-fighting modules, each with a 450-litre capacity, and are capable of efficiently reaching off-road areas and responding to fires in just a few minutes. They will be used by the local Civil Protection Authority

Fiumicino, 31 July 2017 – Today, Aeroporti di Roma gave the local government of Fiumicino two new fire-fighting vehicles, equipped to provide a fast response in the area and to extinguish fires within a matter of minutes. The two 4x4 off-road vehicles, fitted with extinguishing modules each with a 450-litre capacity, are ready for immediate use by specialised Civil Protection Authority personnel. The keys were handed over by ADR workers and Chief Executive Officer, Ugo de Carolis, to the Mayor of Fiumicino, Esterino Montino, in the presence of the Regional Coordinator for the Civil Protection Authority, Carlo Rosa.

The delivery, free of charge, of the two vehicles represents ADR’s desire to make further contributions to the constant prevention, patrol, inspection and response work by the Fire and Civil Protection Authorities of the municipality of Fiumicino, with a particular focus on the forest areas from Focene to Torrimpietra and the areas surrounding the airport.

“ADR and the local institutions have been actively collaborating for some time to keep the areas immediately surrounding the airport safe. With these vehicles, we are pleased to be able to give more support to protecting this area, of which the airport is a part. We will continue to work in close synergy with the municipality of Fiumicino, the Fire Department and any other forces active on this front,” declared the CEO of Aeroporti di Roma, Ugo de Carolis.

“In the past two months - explained the mayor of Fiumicino, Esterino Montino - around 150 fires have affected our municipality, many of which broke out in particularly critical areas. A dozen of these occurred in forest areas. 22 were near the Maccarese-Palidoro-Torrimpietra railway line. These vehicles will contribute to an even faster response to fires. I give my thanks to ADR for this important collaboration that provides citizens with answers, as it did when it ended night-time flights from Runway 1.”

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