22 April 2016
Aeroporti di Roma is speeding up its operations to make the airport digital, with devices and technologies chosen to facilitate the travel experience of its passengers

Fiumicino, 22 April 2016 - News for those surfing on their device at Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino. Staring from this long holiday weekend, the more than 550,000 travellers expected can connect freely to the Wi-Fi network with smartphone, tablet and laptop computers, to surf also in streaming, by a simple access procedure. A free unrestricted connection with unlimited data download, for as long as you wish, while sitting comfortably waiting for your flight.

It is a significant innovation, introduced by Aeroporti di Roma to further strengthen the quality of the services offered to passengers. Thanks to unlimited streaming, ADR's new free Wi-Fi will indeed allow enabled devices to rapidly access any type of multimedia content and services, such as for example making video calls, downloading your favourite TV series, direct streaming of the game of your favourite team.

The new wireless network of Italy’s main airport is one of the biggest installations in Europe. It has more than 1000 Access Points (Wi-Fi transmitters) distributed everywhere in the airport terminals, in the Cargo area and at aircraft lay bys.  To gain access, one needs only to select the “Airport Free Wi-Fi” network and once the welcome page of the portal has opened, click on the “free Wi-Fi” profile.

The new wireless capabilities are part of a vast program of investment that ADR is conducting to make the airport increasingly digital. During the next months, new e-Gates will be installed for the automatic reading of boarding passes and and there will be an increase in e-Gates for reading electronic passports. Interactive information points are also due to arrive soon, strengthening the traditional passenger information service, already provided by ADR staff at dedicated help desks.  We have not forgotten entertainment for our passengers, with 80 tablets installed in different parts of the airport, offering free internet connection, games and other useful travel applications. 


Wi-Fi at Leonardo da Vinci DATASHEET

  • Over the last two years, ADR, a company of the Atlantia group, has invested around 1 million euros to develop the wireless airport network to make it efficient and available in all airport areas.
  • Passenger connections to the Wi-Fi Service follow seasonal traffic trends, peaking in the summer months. The highest number of access during the first release was reached in 2015 in July, with more than 716,000 users in a month.
  • Device connections before the release: 84% of passengers accessed with smartphone, 9% with tablet and 7% with laptop.
    Users before the release: the majority of accesses to the portal, 69%, was using English, followed by 24% connections in Italian. Other languages chosen very often are Chinese and Russian.



Aeroporti di Roma, part of the Atlantia Group, manages and develops Roma Fiumicino and Ciampino airports, also carrying out other related and complementary activities. Fiumicino has four passenger terminals. The initiative is dedicated to business and pleasure domestic, international and intercontinental travellers; Ciampino is mainly used by low-cost airlines, express couriers and for general aviation activities. In 2015 ADR welcomed more than 46 million passengers with more than 240 destinations worldwide, reachable from Rome thanks to about 100 airlines operating at the two airports.

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