26 May 2015
ADR: sequestration of pier d unjustified
No reference to dioxin in the writ of sequestration. The presence of dioxin has always been lower to international regulatory limits.

Fiumicino, 26 May 2015– Aeroporti di Roma claims that the sequestration of Pier D, notified tonight to the company, is unjustified.  Also, with respect to press allegations about the possible presence of dioxin, the company points out that in the writ by the prosecutor no reference is made to dioxin, which, by the way, has always been lower than the interational regulatory limits.

Aeroporti di Roma, a company of Gruppo Atlantia, manages the airports of Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino, and conducts other collateral activities for airport facility management. Fiumicino operates four passenger terminals. It is dedicated to business and leisure flights to and from national, international and intercontinental destinations; Ciampino is mainly dedicated to low-cost airlines, express couriers and General Aviation activities. In 2014, ADR airport system recorded around 44 million passengers, with over 230 destinations that can be reached from Rome thanks to the 100 airline operating from the two airports.

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