15 May 2024
Fiumicino Airport opens in the centre of Rome
ADR launches 'Airport in the City', the new check-in and baggage delivery service at Termini Station, and announces the portal for stop-over in the Capital

Rome 15 May 2024 – Fiumicino Airport is now open in the centre of Rome at Termini Station, where passengers can check in for their flight and drop off their checked luggage free of charge, and then collect it directly at their destination. This is the fantastic new service ‘Airport in the City’, the new off-airport check-in provided free of charge by Aeroporti di Roma for ITA Airways passengers departing from ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ Airport on the same day, with flight check-in and drop-off for checked luggage, leaving them free to continue their tour of the city hands-free in the last few hours before their flight.

Travellers can check in and drop off their checked luggage at Roma Termini - the largest station in Italy and among the largest ones in Europe with around 200 million visits each year, part of the Grandi Stazioni Retail network - at least three and a half hours before their flight's departure time, every day from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 4pm, and then collect them directly at their final destination airport.

The official inauguration of 'Airport in the City' at Roma Termini Station was attended today by the top management of ADR, CEO Marco Troncone and Chairman Vincenzo Nunziata, as well as by Antonino Turicchi, Chairman of ITA Airways, Pierluigi Di Palma, President of ENAC, Fabrizio Ghera, Regional Councillor of Lazio, and Angelo Camilli, President of Unindustria; Lorenzo Tagliavanti, President of Camera di Commercio di Roma. The proceedings concluded with a speech by Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè.

With the launch of this unique new service, Rome Fiumicino Airport, among the only 12 5-star Skytrax airports in the world and recently awarded by the same organisation as the best airport in the world for its procedures and airport security, thus consolidates its position as the best airport in Europe in the category of over 40 million passengers, awarded in mid-March by ACI World for the seventh year running, for the quality of services offered to passengers.
The technical partner of the initiative is OACIS, an international player that has been providing off-airport check-in services for years at various airports all over the world and which, on the strength of more than one million bags successfully handled and transferred, provides ADR – a Mundys Group company – with fundamental support in terms of know-how and process organisation.
For the initial trial period, ‘Airport in the City’ is only available to passengers travelling with ITA Airways on flights departing on the same day from ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ Airport to any destination (except the US and Israel). The service allows passengers to enjoy the last few hours of their time in Rome free of their checked baggage and without having to pay for temporary storage. This new service will be extended to other airlines in the future.

Aeroporti di Roma accelerates the implementation of new and innovative passenger opportunities – designed as part of the Innovation Hub programmes –, including '', a new global flight booking platform that helps travellers find and buy the best tickets, with the option of integrating a stopover in Rome as the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the Italian capital. A holiday within a holiday to further attract tourist flows to Rome and Italy thanks to the use of the most advanced cross-route search tools of over 650 airlines; the booking service is provided by TripStack, a reference player in the sector with around 30 million customers a year.

‘Our goal with Airport in the City is to bring the services of Fiumicino Airport to the heart of Rome, a great novelty in Italy and in Europe with which we seek to improve the travel experience of the thousands of passengers who pass every day through “Leonardo da Vinci”, the first gateway to our country. This initiative is the result of the strong push for innovation, a central tenet of our strategy to increase the scope of services we offer our passengers, as is the launch of the platform, which aims to further promote the opportunity to visit our country - and, above all, the Capital - on an international level. In this sense, inaugurating an outpost at Termini Station, with the invaluable support of ITA Airways and OACIS, strengthens our presence in the city to play an increasingly leading role, in full synergy with the institutions and in anticipation of the important appointments of global relevance that await us, above all the Jubilee 2025,’ said Aeroporti di Roma CEO Marco Troncone.

‘It is with great satisfaction that today we join Aeroporti di Roma in celebrating the inauguration of “Airport in the City”, a service that makes the travel experience even livelier and more comfortable,’ said Antonino Turicchi, Chairman of ITA Airways. ‘This project reflects the close collaboration between ITA Airways and Aeroporti di Roma, stressing the common commitment to innovation and sustainability in the transport sector. With Aeroporti di Roma, we share the vision of an intermodal future, where aircraft integrate with other means of transport to offer efficient and convenient travel solutions. We look forward to new challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm and we are ready to continue this fruitful collaboration for the benefit of our passengers and the entire country system’.

‘ADR's “Airport in the City” project is fully in line with the process of innovation and interconnection of air transport that ENAC has been pursuing for some time,’ remarks ENAC President Pierluigi Di Palma. ‘The Fiumicino Hub, the first gateway to Italy and repeatedly awarded as the best airport in Europe, develops integration with Termini Station, the first national railway hub, by strengthening air-air intermodality. Once more, with the Termini Fiumicino off-airport check-in, the Italian airline industry proves itself to be innovative, sustainable and, above all, attentive to the rights of passengers by offering top-quality services, which today represent the most important element in consumers’ choices’.

The ‘Airport in the City’ counter is located inside the shopping area of Termini Station, near Via Giovanni Giolitti 16 and close to the Mercato Centrale and platform 24, which is the departure point of the Leonardo Express—the non-stop service connecting the station to Fiumicino Airport in just 32 minutes. With this service, ADR continues in its pursuit of environmental sustainability: the vans transferring baggage from Termini to Fiumicino are fuelled by sustainable fuel produced 100% from renewable raw materials, helping to decarbonise transportation, a trajectory to which Aeroporti di Roma is strongly committed and which underlies its adherence since 2021 to the Pact for the Decarbonisation of Air Transport in partnership with the main institutions and industry operators.

Aeroporti di Roma
Aeroporti di Roma, an Mundys Group company, manages and develops the Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino airports and carries out other activities related and complementary to airport management. Fiumicino, the first and only airport in Italy with a Skytrax rating of 5 Stars for excellent standards in service quality and recognized during 2024 as the best airport in the world for airport security by Skytrax as well, it has two passenger terminals and is dedicated to business and leisure customers on domestic, international and intercontinental routes; Ciampino is mainly used by low-cost airlines, express-couriers and General Aviation activities. In 2023, Fiumicino and Ciampino airports together reached 44.4 million passengers. Over the past five years, Aeroporti di Roma has received numerous awards, recognitions and quality certificates. The main ones are the AIRPORT SERVICE QUALITY AWARD, awarded by ACI World for the category of European airports with more than 40 million passengers per year for the years 2017 to 2023 for the high level of passenger satisfaction, and the ACI EUROPE BEST AIRPORT AWARD, category of airports with more than 40 million passengers per year, for the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023: the award, in this case, rewards the achievement of excellence in several disciplines, including security, operations, infrastructure, community relations, environmental awareness and customer care. Thanks to these achievements, in 2022, ACI World included ADR in the 'Director General's Roll of Excellence', to which only 69 out of more than 18,000 airports worldwide belong for the very high levels of quality offered to their passengers. SKYTRAX, in 2018 awarded ADR the WORLD'S MOST IMPROVED AIRPORT AWARD based on the evaluation of services experienced by passengers at various airports around the world. In 2022, ADR received the BEST AIRPORT STAFF IN EUROPE AWARD from Skytrax for meeting precise parameters of friendliness and efficiency of customer service staff at the air terminal. ADR also distinguished itself in sustainability by receiving the LEADERSHIP IN SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMITMENT TO RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation in 2020. In the field of innovation, in 2021, in connection with the SESAR - Single European Sky project, ADR was awarded the ACI EUROPE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AWARD for the airport's investment in the brand new Airport Operation Centre, and the implementation of the innovation model focused on Open Innovation. In 2022, Plug and Play Tech Center, the largest private investment fund in Silicon Valley, presented ADR with the 'Corporate Innovation Award' for its commitment to promoting open innovation initiatives and building an innovative 'airport of the future', Award confirmed for 2023. On 12 February 2024, ADR celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. To mark the occasion, the company unveiled a new logo that visually reaches upward to symbolise its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.