4 April 2018
Fiumicino: top ten for eDreams
Roma Fiumicino in the top ten best airports in the world for the first time. According to the rankings drawn up based on about 50,000 travellers surveyed, the airport with the most votes is Changi airport of Singapore, followed by Zurich and then Atatürk of Istanbul. The survey included the following categories: selection of shops, food & beverage and the comfort of the lounge areas

Leonardo da Vinci airport is in the top ten of the best structures in the world. This according to the eDreams rankings, drawn up based on reviews by about 50,000 travellers who transited through airports all over the world with an annual traffic of more than 9 million passengers.

Those interviewed were also asked to evaluate the services offered by the various airports such as the selection of shops, food & beverage services and lounge areas.

Singapore – Changi was found to be the best in the world, with second place going to Zurich, followed closely by Istanbul’s Atatürk airport.

This year, Fiumicino made the top ten, placing 9th, moving up in the rankings from previous years thanks to a series of upgrades and improvements such as the new departure area E which, with the innovative pier for the flights and an exclusive shopping gallery, gave the entire structure a quality boost.

Below is the complete list of the 2018 rankings:

1. Singapore Airport – Changi 

2. Zurich Airport 

3. Istanbul-Atatürk Airport 

4. Copenhagen Airport

5. Munich Airport

6. Düsseldorf Airport

7. Frankfurt Airport

8. Madrid-Barajas Airport 

9. Rome-Fiumicino Airport