21 March 2018
Fiumicino number 1 for quality
Skytrax and ACI, airport-service quality certification institutes, reward Leonardo da Vinci airport with the “World’s Most Improved Airport” and “Airport Service Quality Award” accolades.

Leonardo da Vinci airport is among the world's leading airports in terms of the quality of services provided to passengers. Skytrax has in fact presented the Rome airport with the prestigious "World's Most Improved Airport 2018" award, a global accolade which the airport industry’s leading international rating and evaluation company assigns every year to the facility which, out of over 550 airports worldwide, has made the strongest improvement in terms of the quality of services offered to passengers. SkyTrax makes this evaluation in a totally independent way, by means of specific market surveys conducted at global level on front-line products and services which contribute to the experience of individual travellers. In 2017 and the early part of 2018, Fiumicino was the world's number one airport in terms of capacity to innovate and expand services such as passenger reception, courtesy and speed of passport controls, comfort, tidiness and cleanliness of Terminals, visibility and clarity of airport signs and info screens, and the overall organization and efficiency of the facility.

This is the result of the “Atlantia cure". In recent years, by means of a strategy based on investment, innovation, strong involvement of all staff and total concentration on the quality of services provided to passengers, the Group that controls Aeroporti di Roma has completely reinvented Leonardo da Vinci.

The record achieved by Fiumicino is also confirmed by the rankings of ACI (Airport Council International), an independent association which, through direct interviews with passengers, assesses the quality of services provided by over 300 airports worldwide. Thanks to its leadership in the ACI ranking of major European hubs throughout 2017 (with a score of 4.28 on a scale of 5), Leonardo da Vinci took the "Airport Service Quality Award", making it the airport most appreciated by passengers for service quality. In this case too, the Rome airport obtained the highest scores as regards the general cleanliness of the Terminals, the visibility of airport signs, the courtesy of airport staff and digital services such as free and unlimited Wi-Fi, and for streaming.

“The Skytrax and ACI international awards indisputably certify the completion, in just three years, of the turnaround of Leonardo Da Vinci airport, considered today an excellence in Europe and the world, and represent for our Group a source of great satisfaction and pride. They reward the daily commitment, skills and passion of all ADR employees, whom I consider to be the true protagonists of this success story, and our determination in placing passengers at the centre of our strategies and investments. Of course, these awards will encourage us to do even better in the future, by making the Fiumicino hub increasingly more efficient and competitive", declared Atlantia CEO Giovanni Castellucci.

"These are important accolades for Fiumicino and for the city of Rome. Every day we are busy designing solutions to make the airport passenger experience easier and more positive. Courtesy, hospitality, clear information, speedy security checks, digital services such as egates and wi-fi, entertainment and cultural events, quality of food and shopping and precise and efficient procedures have become hallmarks of the services we provide to our traveller guests. There is still a lot of work to be done, because an airport as large and important as Fiumicino is only improved thanks to daily commitment", declared the managing director of Rome Airports, Ugo de Carolis.


To celebrate the two important international accolades, Aeroporti di Roma has organized the "Top Quality Day", a day of artistic and cultural entertainment to thank passengers for their strong appreciation. In fact, tomorrow, 22nd March, the Leonardo da Vinci Terminals will host concerts by the artists of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, who will play symphonies and soundtracks dedicated to the theme of "Victory". Inside and outside the Terminal, passengers will be informed and involved through a special communication campaign.