23 June 2022
ADR-CONI agreement for athletes' travel facilities
A cooperation agreement has been signed between Aeroporti di Roma and the Italian National Olympic Committee on facilitating airport travel for athletes involved in events and competitions.

With this partnership, all procedures will be speeded up with the aim of optimising airport processes and guaranteeing an excellent customer experience for athletes and their staff. CONI will inform ADR in advance of the nominative lists of the teams together with all the operational details of the flights in order to be able to organise this process appropriately, making speeding up the airport procedures. Events will also be planned and organised at the airport to promote the sporting events that the athletes will be taking part in or have already participated in, so as to raise awareness and enhance the sporting culture, even among transit passengers and operators who use the airport, making it an increasingly inclusive meeting place.

"Aeroporti di Roma, always sensitive to cultural and social issues," said Veronica Pamio, ADR Vice President of External Relations and Sustainability, "has enthusiastically decided to stand side by side with CONI to promote sports initiatives and events at Fiumicino and Ciampino airports. This partnership represents an important step on the path of enhancing culture and sport, as well as a further confirmation of ADR's commitment to combine excellence and social sustainability, and to ensure that Fiumicino's role as a gateway to Rome and the country is increasingly future-proof".

CONI Secretary General Carlo Mornati commented “I would like to thank ADR for the attention and sensitivity shown towards our world. In fact, this protocol allows all airport procedures to be streamlined and speeded up, enabling CONI to put its athletes and officials, departing for the various international competitions, in the best possible conditions from the moment they enter the airport. This agreement also helps to spread a healthy sports culture through the experiences of our champions, in what is increasingly becoming a meeting place and the most important gateway to our country. This is a unique advertisement, by our standard bearers, of Italy around the world".

Fiumicino airport excels in the quality of passenger services, technological innovation and infrastructure functionality. For several years, in fact, 'Leonardo da Vinci' has been among the best airports in the western world, always offering a service at the highest level in terms of quality, sustainability and operational excellence. Even during the pandemic, one of the most difficult and challenging periods for the air transport sector, travellers were able to appreciate the effort of Aeroporti di Roma in always guaranteeing a top level of service.