22 April 2022
Aeroporti di Roma increasingly “circular” with the Hera Group
A protocol has been signed to implement environmental sustainability and circular economy initiatives, reducing waste, recovering resources and optimising the water cycle to reduce sludge and losses

A protocol to jointly assess joint initiatives in favour of sustainability and a circular approach to the management of Fiumicino and Ciampino airports: this is the focus of the protocol signed by Aeroporti di Roma - the company that runs both of the capital’s hubs - and the Hera Group, one of the main multi-utility companies in Italy. The areas of intervention of the agreement, valid for two years, concern the management of waste, the treatment of waste water in the airport purification plant and the optimisation of water network management.

Actions to make the first airport hub in Italy, the seventh in Europe, increasingly sustainable. The hub’s commitment has already been recognised by ACI Europe, which awarded Fiumicino excellence as the best airport in Europe for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020. In terms of circular economy, “Leonardo da Vinci” airport boasts a separate waste collection that has amounted to 99% and, in the last 10 years, the consumption of drinking water for each passenger assisted has been reduced by approximately 30%, thanks to a dual distribution network system that ensures the reuse of “recycled” water for all uses for which drinking water is not necessary: ​​irrigation, fire prevention, etc. The Hera Group will make its experience and commitment available in terms of the circular economy and the recovery of resources that have distinguished it since its inception.


Concrete projects to reduce waste, the production of waste and increase its recovery

As regards waste, the main objective is to define guidelines to improve the recovery and reuse of waste produced at the airport, identifying the best solutions to manage the main types of waste, minimising environmental impacts and optimising economic management. This will be achieved by studying any new operational and management processes to further develop separate collection, also involving staff, suppliers and passengers, recover the waste produced (especially used oils, plastic and organic products), reduce the production of waste that cannot be recovered, adopt systems for the recovery of food surpluses produced by airport catering, thus reducing waste and giving new value to uneaten food.


Reduction of sludge produced in the purification process and water losses

The water system of the airports is also the subject of the agreement, in order to assess the possible optimisations to be made to the purifier in a circular economy perspective, facilitating processes that enable the reduction of sludge produced by the waste water purification process (such as, for example, through the installation of dryers to reduce weight and volume) and assessing the possibility of recovering material. Systems are also being studied to optimise the management of water networks, to prevent and limit losses with a view to increasingly virtuous water management, including with the use of advanced sensors and artificial intelligence systems.


“We continue along the path of environmental transition by co-opting the best national excellence” said Marco Troncone, CEO of ADR “by launching, today, a partnership with the Hera Group, a key player, amongst other things, in the circular economy. The scope of action will be concrete and focused on areas in which ADR already performs high, such as waste management and the water cycle, but on which we intend to reach levels of excellence with the support of a recognised specialist leader.”

“This agreement with Aeroporti di Roma is a virtuous example of how a partnership between companies can be a driver of sustainability with positive effects for the environment. Sustainability accompanies and permeates all of our activities and we want to share our experience in this area with the people who operate in the communities, further strengthening our commitment to the circular economy and the regeneration of resources” commented Stefano Venier, CEO of the Hera Group.

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