22 May 2020
New airport access procedure
Aeroporti di Roma informs you that, as of 26 May 2020, the access procedure to the Fiumicino airport terminal will change.

According to the new provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 May 2020 on the containment of Covid-19, the EU health security protocol and the ENAC guidelines, entry to Terminal 3 - the only terminal currently in operation - will be permitted only to passengers and airport operators. In addition, body temperature controls via thermal scanners, which have been in operation at the airport since 4 February, will now be carried out at the entrance to the terminal and no longer at the boarding gates. The new procedure requires that the temperature control is carried out at entrance 5, departure floor, in Terminal 3 and at the mezzanine of Terminal 3 for those arriving from the multi-storey car parks and the railway station. At Terminal 3 arrivals, however, checks are carried out at door 4.

Exit from the terminal will be permitted at the departure level from door 3 and at the arrival level from door 2

Aeroporti di Roma reminds you that, inside the airport, as in all closed premises open to the public, protective masks must be worn and the interpersonal distance of at least one meter must be complied with.

This measure is in addition to all other initiatives taken by the management company to make the airport safe and comfortable. Starting with the sanitising of the entire airport perimeter, both in the internal areas (check-in desks, metal detectors, containers for objects, seating areas, escalator handrails, toilets, trolleys for the transport of suitcases, luggage) and, where necessary, in the external areas (roads, time parking areas, taxi stalls).    In addition, the spaces inside the airport have been rearranged to ensure the social distancing, which is indicated by new signs. The information on the service monitors have also been increased, information signs have been added and over 200 sanitising gel dispensers and mask dispensers have been installed.

The constant collaboration between ADR, the Civil Protection, the Ministry of Health, ENAC and the State Police is ensuring the correct execution of the prevention procedures indicated by the competent institutional bodies, by improving safety without inconveniencing passengers.