1 August 2021
Resumption of traffic
Terminal 1 expected to reopen by mid-August

Aeroporti di Roma reports that, in July, there was a gradual resumption of traffic, with particular reference to the domestic and Schengen segment, also following the introduction of the Digital Green Certificate, whilst a persistent weakness of non-EU flows, also in relation to the restrictive measures that are still in place.

Above all, as a result of this latter element, traffic volumes at Fiumicino still remain very far from normal overall: in fact, July showed flows equal, on average, to about 30% of pre-covid levels, increasing towards the end of month with peaks of about 53 thousand passengers a day.

The current infrastructural set up has so far provided for a consistent partialisation of capacity, with operations concentrated in Terminal 3, which guarantees over 60% of Fiumicino’s terminal capacity and boarding areas that guarantee over 75% of capacity and approximately 90% of boarding at the gate, without the use of buses. However, according to plans already set out by the Company and in relation to the constant monitoring of operated and foreseeable traffic levels, ADR has already foreseen the reopening of Terminal 1 at Fiumicino airport in the first half of August, with a view to maximising service levels to users.

In any case, also in relation to press articles, Aeroporti di Roma specifies that the situation regarding traffic flows at the airport is constantly monitored both by ADR and by the competent authorities. So far, the risk of gatherings has been assessed as low due to the high fluidity of the queues, also taking into account the time limit beyond which close contact can be considered dangerous, specified by the Health Authorities as at least 15 minutes and without a mask, which, as is known, still remains mandatory inside the terminals. In the meantime, at the Fiumicino terminal, the prevention and protection measures and procedures adopted by ADR continue and are further strengthened: from the dedicated staff inside the Terminal, who continuously remind passengers to maintain the correct distancing, to service communications repeated several times a day: the signs on the ground, the multiple information signs present at the airport and the optimisation of the air conditioning systems to ensure a high turnover rate of the area.

Since the beginning of the crisis, Aeroporti di Roma has launched a considerable intervention plan, due to the breadth and depth of the measures adopted, which have made Fiumicino airport the first airport in the world to obtain the “5 Stars” certification from part of Skytrax, the international assessment organisation of airlines and airports around the world, for the measures taken to combat the pandemic.