28 July 2021
New historical record in passenger satisfaction for Fiumicino airport.

New historical record in passenger satisfaction for Fiumicino airport. According to the most recent surveys performed by Airports Council International - the international association independently measuring perceived quality in over 200 airports around the world - in the second quarter of 2021 "Leonardo da Vinci" airport recorded a new high record, achieving a 4.65 rating on a scale of 5. This is the best quarter that Fiumicino airport has ever had. For the first time, Fiumicino has achieved the highest traveller satisfaction in the European Union, surpassing all the other European airports, from the smallest with annual traffic of less than 2 million passengers to the major international hubs with more than 40 million passengers.


This quarter's record stems from the Aeroporti di Roma's strategy focussing on digitisation, safety, innovation and environmental sustainability to create the "Leonardo da Vinci" of the future: a competitive airport capable of capturing the full traffic potential of tomorrow, more sustainable for the environment, with minimum land use and even more efficient and safer. In addition to the biometric face check that makes boarding operations faster and safer, just launched by Delta, various initiatives and partnerships in innovation are being pursued in Fiumicino, including creating the first Italian incubator for start-ups dedicated to the aviation sector in the coming months.. In terms of the environment, Fiumicino airport has confirmed zeroing CO2 emissions by 2030, well in advance of the European sector target of 2050. To achieve this goal, the focus is on projects for constructing energy production plants from renewable resources at the airport and on low-carbon transport infrastructures, investing in electric charging stations and enhancing electric car sharing.


"This new record", said Marco Troncone, CEO of Aeroporti di Roma, "once again demonstrates the levels of excellence of 'Leonardo da Vinci', increasingly attractive to passengers and airlines. It is a new milestone in ADR's strategy focussed on excellence in Quality and Safety, as well as on Sustainability and Innovation. We're determined to come out of this crisis stronger and readier for the challenges of the future, which require solutions based on innovation and full compatibility with the needs of our ecosystem.".