1 July 2021
Flying Away From Covid
“A Second Renaissance - Flying Away From Covid”, Tvboy's street art to celebrate the relaunch

Aeroporti di Roma launches a new message of positivity through art and culture, key drivers of our country. It does so on the day that symbolises the relaunch, with the entry into force of the European Green Pass and when all of Italy is in the white zone. 

To celebrate the hoped-for return to normality, ADR chooses a different path and, for the first time in the history of “Leonardo da Vinci”, relies on the creativity of TvBoy, the stage name of the internationally renowned street artist, Salvatore Benintende, to give voice to the desire to return to travel. The result is a work visible to all on the external wall of Terminal 1 of the airport, entitled “A Second Renaissance - Flying Away from Covid”, which makes fun of Leonardo da Vinci, the genius after whom Fiumicino airport is named and of the Mona Lisa, his travel companion in this circumstance, who holds a mask in her hand, representing the desire for freedom, the desire to travel and to put the complexity of the period marked by Covid behind her.

I welcomed with joy the proposal of Aeroporti di Roma to collaborate in the creation of this work,” said Salvatore Benintende.  “Fiumicino airport, where the theme of travel reigns supreme, is certainly the best place to represent everyone’s unstoppable desire to be able to return to travel between different countries, freely and safely; this combination of location and concept gave me a strong inspiration to create the artwork.”

Operating in an open-air museum like Rome makes it impossible not to think of art as an integral element of our strategy; we promote culture because we believe that, together with investment in sustainability, it is the best way to share the commitment and passion for universal works,” said Marco Troncone, CEO of Aeroporti di Roma. “Over the years, our dialogue with art has evolved and today, with conviction, we want to bring a positive and innovative message to our airport in a very difficult time for air transport, trusting that the relaunch, albeit predictably long, has really started. And it is precisely in this logic that we aim to get involved and, with the right irony, thanks to the irreverent and ironic language of TvBoy, we want to celebrate the symbolic moment - the launch of the European Green Pass - in which we are preparing to welcome tourists back in Italy again.